March 5-7, 2012 | Scottsdale, Arizona

2012 HCI Human Capital Summit

Innovate and Disrupt: The Human Capital Playbook for Driving Strong Leadership, Organizational Performance, and Bottom-Line Growth

Innovation is Globally the Most Urgent Boardroom Imperative

Every company strives to innovate, but since the beginning of the economic downturn the “Innovation” battle cry has never been louder. Due to low overall growth rates and constantly emerging competitive threats, executives are increasingly counting on breakthrough products and ideas to grow and keep their organizations competitive. Innovation is the only way to drive organizational growth, gain critical marketshare, and insure the sustainability of companies today.

"The enterprise that does not innovate ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change such as the present, the decline will be fast." — Peter Drucker

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The Driving Force Behind Innovation is Strong Leadership

These two imperatives go hand in hand, and are absolutely critical in their relationship to each other. Leaders like Steve Jobs believed in risk taking and in keeping and sustaining innovation as the cornerstone of his organizational culture. Leadership must be whole-heartedly dedicated to driving innovation while understanding how to leverage the collective power of creativity and inventiveness within their workforce.

Cost Reductions and Process Reengineering Will Not Grow Your Organization

Innovation is the only game in town that delivers it all — aggressive profits, increased efficiencies and productivity, increased competitiveness and real, sustainable growth. How do you win this all-stakes game? Toss out the old rulebook — it's a new day and the winning plays have nothing to do with the old R&D departments. Innovation is now about culture, and it encompasses the entire workforce. Innovation initiatives are changing the way we work, the way we think, and the urgency towards its immediate implementation has never been more pressing.

Recent Innovation surveys from the Boston Consulting Group and Business Week have found:

  • Innovation remains a strategic priority for the vast majority of companies
  • Most companies are expected to raise innovation spending
  • Simultaneously companies are increasing their emphasis on innovation geared at lowering production costs
  • Companies consider a risk-averse corporate culture and lengthy development times to be the two biggest forces holding down their return on innovation spending
  • Customer satisfaction and overall revenue growth are the two main gauges that companies use to determine the success of their innovation efforts.
  • CEOs are the most visible champions of innovation at most companies, yet few than 30% of respondents identified them as such, reflecting a void in leadership and a real opportunity for many companies.

Why You Need This Conference

Get your autographed copy of Gary Hamel's newest title at his booksigning March 7th at 10amHCI understands the need to demonstrate tangible business results from your workforce initiatives, and knows how daunting that can be, especially in the short term. This year's National Summit is singularly focused on bringing you the freshest, most innovative case studies from thought leaders who have achieved new levels of excellence in driving Innovation and developing strong Leaders. In just 2 1/2 days you will experience how the leading strategies and programs have helped propel organizations of all sizes to significant growth, increased performance, and in building a collaborative culture focused on Innovation, risk taking and creativity.

How do you use Innovation to position human resources as a business driver?  This core question will be outlined in the four main areas or conference tracks with dedicated content focusing on:

  1. Proven Business Strategies that Drive Innovation
  2. Creating an Innovative Workforce via Recruitment and Acquisition
  3. Technologies that Facilitate Innovation and Organizational Performance
  4. Developing Leaders who Drive Innovation, Risk and a High Performance Culture

Join your peers at the 2012 National Summit and leave with actionable strategies that have been tested and proven by the world's leading organizations. Enjoy bench marking and networking with peers, learn about the latest programs and technologies on the market, and arrive back at the office with a binder full of new ideas

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The 2011 HCI Human Capital Summit in Atlanta, GA, was a tremendous success. We have received excellent feedback from attendees, sponsors and partners.

We are already preparing for the 2012 Summit, which will take place March 5–7, 2012 in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, so register now! Please contact Shane Lennon at 866.538.1909 x1904 or



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The 2011 HCI Human Capital Summit Buzz

We are excited about all the great buzz that was generated about the 2011 HCI Human Capital Summit. Both live and virtual attendees, as well as our sponsors and Human Capital M-Prize participants raved about the event and our speakers. Click below for a sample:




Highlights from the 2011 HCI Human Capital Summit

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