2012 HCI Human Capital Summit

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HCI’s 2012 Human Capital Summit is the premier annual event for human capital, talent management and business leaders. It attracts a very senior, early adopting, decision-making audience interested in the latest technologies, services and solutions for HR, OD/ Learning and Line Management.

Every company strives to innovate, but the "Innovation" battle cry has never been louder since the beginning of the economic downturn — due to low overall growth rates and new competitive threats constantly emerging, executives are increasingly counting on breakthrough products and ideas.

Driving Innovation isn’t a simple process. Leadership must keep innovation at the forefront of an organization’s thinking, and be able to drive this effort by creating a culture where people are allowed to take risks in a safe space and where they can learn from their mistakes.

HCI’s 2010 Learning and Leadership Development Conference hosted the most progressive human capital executives. This year’s annual Conference, coming in November 2011 promises to be even bigger and more exciting.

Leadership must be dedicated to driving innovation, they must find the gumption to effectively balance the R&D process with the flexibility needed for creativity and experimentation. This makes them skeptical about their ability to sustain innovation.

At this year’s Human Capital Summit, we will bring together the latest business thinkers, corporate leaders, and cutting-edge practices to expand the way HR leaders think and prepare them to lead their organization into the future. Over the course of three days of keynotes, CEO roundtables, and corporate practitioner-led working sessions, we will tackle the most important human capital topics at this point in time.

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