2012 Learning and Leadership Development Conference

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HCI’s 2012 Learning & Leadership Development is the premier annual event for talent management, learning and leadership development executives. It attracts a very senior, early adopting, decision-making audience interested in the latest technologies, services and solutions for HR, OD/ Learning and line management. This year's theme is The New Lifecycle of Learning & Leadership Development: Creating the 21st Century Knowledge Leaders and Workforce.

A Paradigm Shift Is Happening —You’re Either On The Bus Or Running Behind It

Life moves fast. Business moves faster. Developing and indentifying leaders with critical business skills, technical knowledge and the global diversity needed for success no longer happens in the traditional talent pipeline. Executive development and the learning process have taken a new form, a clear direction, and are even more critical to the success of your organization. These exciting advances in workforce collaboration and cutting-edge leadership models can now achieve even greater alignment to business needs, engage employees as they drive the business forward, and generate substantial increases in organizational performance.

The new model of education and development for all levels of the organization is based on daily collaboration with peers, mentors, and internal business groups that actively work on pressing business issues. This new view of learning and leadership development has a lifecycle that spans the beginning to the end of a career, as learning must be a continuous and sustaining activity to engage employees, drive growth and gain the competitive advantage. Future models move even farther from tradition event-based activities to new systems that are meant to last throughout a career lifecycle.

Collaboration is at the Heart of All Effective Learning and Leadership Development Initiatives

Learning as a function has evolved from the formal classroom experience to an informal on-the-job collaborative learning experience that pervades the fabric of everyday life. Developing the workforce and all levels of leadership requires new forms of learning and collaboration that call for daily interaction and engagement. Strategies that focus on knowledge transfer and improving business outcomes must now be central to organizational goals, and the virtual and social technologies that facilitate this new learning culture are becoming the backbone of high-performing companies, allowing leaders to drive innovation and sustainable growth. The blueprint for creating 21st Century leaders and knowledge workers has rapidly changed, and the strategies and tools we once relied have moved in a new direction.

The New Learning Lifecycle Is A Continuous Process That Drive Business Outcomes

To help your organization achieve real business alignment and true measurable results that affect growth and financial outcomes, we will showcase leading organizations that excel in their execution of new learning and leadership development ideas, strategies and tools. These leading case studies and expert practitioners will demonstrate how they directly affected the growth of their organizations and transformed their cultures into an engaged, high-performing workforce.

Why You Need This Conference

As the only learning and leadership development event, we will fully examine the new process of organizational learning and leadership building, and how to align leaders with a ready workforce and the strategies that build innovation, financial growth and develop new business solutions.

  • Learn how to connect learning and executive development with business outcomes and employee performance
  • Understand the new learning lifecycle — how to keep the knowledge transfer process fresh and effective for the long-term
  • See the new, collaborative, on-the-job approaches that allow you to identify and accelerate development of high potentials
  • Get the newest thinking on how women add the strategic edge in balancing boardroom mentality. Understand how these new perspectives affect the businesses, and how women in senior executive positions can improve critical decisions, corporate positioning and organizational messaging.
  • Learn first-hand how open leadership models can change your culture and drive innovation
  • Discover the inside story from leading practitioners about the learning and development tools and programs they consider to be “go-to” resources.
  • Uncover the newest strategies in how succession planning drives leadership development initiatives
  • Learn the newest trends and directions in learning and executive development and understand how the current paradigm shifts affect the performance, competitiveness and the business outcomes of your organization.

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