2012 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

Underwrite the Premier Annual Event for Human Capital

HCI’s 2012 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference is the premier annual event for human capital, talent management and recruiting leaders. It attracts a senior, early-adopting, decision-making audience interested in the latest technologies, services and solutions for strategic recruiting and line management.

Above and Beyond Recruiting

Recruiters are facing increased pressure from their executive leaders to find top talent and frustrated by their organization’s ability to do it. At first glance, it would seem that consistently hiring the right people for critical roles shouldn’t be so hard, especially with the unemployment rate. Supply is deep and technology is abundant; you should have a large talent pipeline filled with quality candidates. But it doesn’t exist. The ending of the recession has the C-suite focused on talent, and on top of recruiting challenges, the executive team demands updates and analytics on issues like sourcing for key roles, social outreach, brand impact and technology ROI. The good news; the solution lies within the recruiting team itself. Like most business issues the right talent, with a great strategy and the right tools, can accomplish great feats.

Building off of last year’s sold-out event, this year’s 2012 Talent Acquisition conference features dedicated networking sessions, learning, and thoughtleadership in three areas: Social Media & Technology, Candidate Sourcing and Recruitment Optimization.

Social Media & Technology: The use of social media is at an unprecedented high with two-thirds of the global population online every day. Some organizations believe that any social media presence is better than none and have found that without a strategy this can in fact be more harmful than helpful. There are new technology tools available everyday promising to ease the challenges of recruiting, but knowing which one will truly impact your acquisition strategy can be hard to determine. Unlike in previous years, you’re now in a situation where measuring the ROI of social recruiting is possible, enabling you to keep a close eye on your efforts and allowing course correction when and where needed.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Move recruiting from a cost center to a profit center using social media.
  • Optimize SEO and branding to become an employer of choice.
  • Measure your social media efforts with a true ROI measurement.

Candidate Sourcing: With an over-abundance of talent available it’s still difficult to source over-performing hires. Not to mention today’s top candidates are mostly already employed but keeping their options open. This requires organizations to account now more than ever for the passive candidate and develop new, competitive strategies to lure them away from their current job. With online resources growing exponentially, new sources to find talent are on the rise. Do you know where the best places are to find talent per industry or skill set today and in the future? Learn how to:

  • Use mobile technology for targeted sourcing.
  • Make diversity recruiting a seamless, everyday practice and hire top talent.
  • Tap into the passive candidate market and win the best talent from your competitors.

Recruitment Optimization: Even with the best, innovative ideas in place you will only be successful with the right team carrying out your strategies. Choosing the right people for the team and eliminating “innovation killers” is of the utmost importance. Once you have your optimal team in place, keeping them motivating and developing them is the next challenge. Easing the burden of the more mundane aspects of recruiting will keep the team fresh and able to create new, competitive strategies to edge out the competition for the best talent. Learn how to:

  • Develop preemptive strategies to end reactive recruiting.
  • Streamline time to hire with the use of assessments and new-age reference checking.
  • Acquire and develop innovative recruiters.

In addition to the case studies from real practitioners that you’ve come to expect from only HCI, sessions will be lead by some of the best talent minds in the business and will provide actionable strategies to implement change within your organization.

Join us in May 2012 as we examine issues through the lens of practical applications and still-unfolding next practices. By becoming an underwriter, you will be featured in the 2012 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference agenda and connected with leading executives as they seek out partners to take their human capital initiatives to the next level in 2012.

Sponsorships are going fast, so contact Barry Upbin, Senior Vice President, Strategic Relationships, at 516.312.7458 for more information on how to become an underwriter.

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