2012 Talent Strategy and Workforce Planning Conference

Reinforce Your 2012 Revenue with HCI’s 2012 Strategy and Workforce Planning Conference

As you build your marketing plan for 2012, you need to carefully choose how you spend your marketing dollars. HCI wants to help your connect with your target audience by sponsoring our 2012 Talent Strategy and Workforce Planning Conference. Taking place in January in Atlanta, this conference is first priority for senior human resources executives to get their year off to a good start.

The Human Capital Institute’s Fourth Annual Strategy and Workforce Planning Conference is the only major conference for strategic workforce planning, analytics and associated talent strategies. Meet buyers of HRIS, talent management systems, workforce planning and analytics solutions, contract staffing, recruitment and human capital consulting services.

Talent success or failure begins and ends with workforce planning.

In 2010, in the middle of global economic crises, the biggest talent concern was how to do more with less. While the markets continue to swing, any recovery demands employers operate with peak talent infrastructure or risk losing crucial competitive edge.  This edge can be realized using workforce planning, and thinking beyond simple headcount planning. 

Strategic workforce planning requires a great design and accurate analysis.  Yet many organizations struggle to move past theory into practice.  Those that do often overlook the need for continual, regular revision and course-correction.  Others see each of these phases yet are so encumbered by urgent talent ‘fires’ that planning and implementation seem unattainable.

The Human Capital Institute’s fourth annual Talent Strategy & Workforce Planning Conference casts a wide net and examines these issues through the eyes of today’s talent executive. In this three-day event, connect, network and learn from human capital management practitioners and original thinkers just like you.  Collectively we’ll push to move beyond design and help each other to face the increasingly complex enterprise-wide business responsibility of understanding talent management and performance in a post-recession reality.

Specifically, we’re taking an even closer look at how to achieve talent success with:

Actionable Workforce Planning

  • Environmental scans and forecasts
  • Practical scenario-planning models
  • Value-driven, sustainable metrics and analytics

Talent Demand Post-Recession

  • Fitting Contract Talent into the workforce puzzle
  • Out-performing the competition for the best talent
  • Seeing beyond current talent demand

Talent Performance

  • Great onboarding = high retention?
  • Career development at every stage
  • Where does succession planning and mentoring fit in the plan?

Sponsorships are going fast, so contact Shane Lennon at 866.538.1909 x1904, for more information on how to become an underwriter.

Join us in Atlanta from January 30–February 1, 2012 as we examine issues through the lens of practical applications and still-unfolding next practices. By becoming an underwriter, you will be featured in the 2012 Strategy and Workforce Planning Conference agenda and connected with leading executives as they seek out partners to take their human capital initiatives to the next level in 2012.

Exclusive, Intimate Access

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Diamond-level underwriting packages offer maximum branding, prestigious thought leadership and conference wide recognition. Diamond underwriting options include opening remarks, private lunches and opportunities to present original research or co-present a client case study.

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Gold-level underwriting packages offer cost-effective conference access and an opportunity to meet and build relationships with senior, decision-making executives.


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