2013 HCI Global Talent Management Virtual Summit

2013 HCI Global Talent Management Virtual Summit

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2013 Global Talent Management Summit - Virtual Attendee

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Growth Beyond Borders


2012 was a year of tumultuous change. The global economy started to recover, only to be upset by continued high unemployment and uneven growth in emerging economies. Businesses of all sizes have struggled to shift their resources toward growth markets, yet they find a shortage of talent and leadership holding them back. High unemployment in many developed countries is coupled with a shortage of new and critical business skills creating a tremendous demand for training, talent mobility and leadership development.

A skills shortage, not a job shortage

According to a McKinsey Quarterly Survey, companies around the world are struggling to confront talent shortages, shifting centers of economic activity, and an increasingly networked business environment.  Even though nine of out of ten executives who were interviewed insist that organizational change is either “extremely important” or “very important” to building or maintaining competitive advantage, more than two-thirds say their organizations don’t have a clear view of the changes needed to meet these and other looming social and economic developments. Half admit that their companies have not installed the right people to lead a response or know who is accountable for dealing with such issues.

Potential obstacles to growth

As a business leader reviewing current talent management strategies and knowing they must be revised in order to stay competitive globally, certain unmistakable truths must be accounted for and acknowledged such as:


  • Today’s talent markets are highly competitive. Tools and technology now make it easy for high performers to seek new positions and also make it easy for employers to poach them.
  • Gaps in the leadership pipeline are proving to be a critical obstacle to growth.
  • The majority of business leaders are not prepared with the skills in global awareness and fluency, global business acumen, and the understanding of other cultures to achieve their goals in the global marketplace.

Accelerated needs for 2013

In 2013, businesses see an urgent need for training, talent mobility programs, leadership development, new talent acquisition strategies, and new technology and updated talent management programs. This event will showcase how to perfect the core functions necessary to support a truly global operation. Topics include:


An Integrated Talent Management Model

  • Ensuring information, knowledge, and wisdom are shared across the business as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Developing the ability to change the operating model quickly enough to keep up with technological change.
  • New strategies for global workforce planning.


Recruit, Engage, and Retain

  • Using culture to understand candidate behavior and social recruitment.
  • Assessment and selection based on mobility and development potential.
  • Employer branding through differentiation.


Leadership Development and Training

  • How to overcome shortages in specific skills.
  • Creating development plans based on future needs and the current internal pipeline.
  • Developing the capabilities of leadership.


Join us for two days of extreme thought leadership from speakers who have experienced the same challenges as you, and conquered them. Cutting edge, yet actionable case studies, peer to peer networking, and leaving with a collection of strategies and new partnerships is what our event attendees expect from HCI – This event will not only deliver on these promises but go beyond expectations.

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For additional information, or if you would like assistance with registration, please contact Shane Lennon anytime at 866.538.1909 x1904.

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