2013 HCI Human Capital Summit

Building Successful and Adaptive Talent Management in a “VUCA” Environment

The HCI Human Capital Summit has an acclaimed reputation for spotlighting the latest trends, actionable strategies, and the best speakers, and 2013 is no exception. Our focus this year: how to be a successful HR executive in a “VUCA” environment.

What is VUCA you ask? A term originating in the U.S. military, it describes an environment characterized by constant Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Sound familiar? Of course it does — it’s your company and the complex marketplace in which it competes. As an HR executive, you know the human capital (and personal) implications of this environment: the challenges it poses to your executive team and the task of developing them for it, the difficulties you face in workforce planning even a couple quarters out, and the impact it has on the engagement, productivity, and retention in your workforce.

This year, HCI dedicates its National Summit to what is perhaps the executive human capital management challenge of the 21st century: the leading and management of talent in a permanent VUCA world.

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Issues we will Address


  • Innovations and Roadblocks to Developing Agile Talent Acquisitions in a VUCA World
  • Creating the Hottest Branding to Attract the Coolest Talent
  • Rapid Fire Recruiting — Quality Hires Under Budget Fast
  • Coping with Constant Change in Talent Requirements
  • Becoming Agile on a Budget: Using Social Media and Other Free Tools to Attract Talent
  • Keeping Potential Hires On the Hook: Communication Strategies for Today’s Potentials and Tomorrow’s Future Hires

Learning/Leadership Development

  • New Leadership Skills and Competencies for the 21st Century
  • Succession Planning in an Unstable Environment
  • Identification, Development, and Engagement of High Potentials in a VUCA Environment
  • Learning Strategies that Drive Innovation and New Business Revenue
  • Virtual and Social Communities that Engage, Instruct, and Create Fresh Business Opportunities
  • The Role of HR in Fostering and Developing Innovation and Leadership

Workforce Planning/Business Strategy

  • Planning for Gaps in the Workforce and Available Talent
  • Who’s Your Big Data: Leveraging the Full Potential and Flexibility of the Workforce
  • Using Contract Talent to Balance the Workforce in Volatile Times
  • Integrating Workforce Planning into the Business Planning Cycle
  • Positioning HR as a Business Driver for Organizational Growth and Profits
  • Getting C-level Support for Development Initiatives-Communicating ROI To Gain Buy-In

Engagement/Social Media

  • Next Generation Collaborative Practices, Tools, and Technologies for the VUCA world
  • Low-Cost Engagement Strategies that Work in VUCA Environments
  • Engaging and Retaining High Potentials in VUCA times: Adaptive Programs that Generate Enthusiasm and Excitement
  • How “Best Companies” Achieve Engagement at the Management Level
  • Valuing New Social Rewards and Recognition — Big Impact Strategies and Programs That Gain Trust and Loyalty
  • Using Engagement Strategies to Drive Business and Tap New Trends

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