February 5-7, 2013 | Atlanta

2013 Workforce Planning and Analytics Conference

Take Control of Your Organization's
Success with Workforce Planning

Channeling Sports: ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen, closing keynote speaker at this year's Workforce Planning and Analytics Conference


There is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the current economy driven by a slow, faltering recovery, unsteady decision making in Washington, and a host of international economic challenges in Europe and elsewhere. While some business leaders are in a wait-and-see mode based on the economy’s performance, you’re in charge of talent strategy and workforce planning, and you can’t wait.

Chances are you don’t have enough high-potential leaders in your organization. You may have low engagement and lagging productivity, a shortage of talent at all levels, and you probably have lost top talent to other organizations.

What you need most of all to move forward is business alignment, technology, and a team that can plan and interact with both. Alignment to business strategy and the resultant buy-in is always hard, doubly so in current times. You may lack the technology, or just as commonly, have it but it’s underperforming for you. Your staff doesn’t always have the skill set to tie it all together in an insightful plan to move the organization forward in an uncertain time.

The Human Capital Institute’s 2013 Workforce Planning and Analytics conference shifts the focus this year from strictly the workforce plan and its methodology to the planner and their environment: their skills, tools, and how they interact with the company as a whole. In this three-day event, connect, network and learn from human capital management practitioners and original thinkers. Together we will discuss the critical aspects of Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), how to integrate key talent management processes with the plan, and the latest trends in the people and technology needed to do both. We will discuss:

Gaining Buy-In: 

  • Aligning Business Strategy with Workforce Planning
  • Creating a Financial Case for Workforce Planning
  • Making Communication Effective and Social

Talent Management and Upskilling:

  • Role Segmentation and Determining Critical Roles
  • The Identification of Top Performers and Succession Planning
  • The Role Talent Acquisition Should Play in SWP
  • Build, Buy or Borrow HR Analytical Skills

Data, Analytics, and Technology:

  • Actionable Data and Reporting
  • Automating the Career Life Cycle and Development
  • Converge Disparate Data Keepers


Quotes From HCI Research Study -  Tech Meets Talent in HCM Analytics

Predicting and Fulfilling Needs

The ability to use analytics for predictive purposes provides the greatest value (as opposed to using analytics merely to understand historical trends)
~ Survey Respondent at a Large Consulting Firm

Lack of Analytical Skills

Our strategy team would benefit from enhanced analytics and our HR team does not deliver at a level that demonstrates an understanding of the business needs.
~ Manager at Financial Services Firm

Data Under Lock and Key

One of the larger challenges is silos created by different departments owning the data and finding space and time to collaborate on how they will be used to create a more comprehensive picture of the business needs.
~ HR Manager, Large Healthcare Firm

Who’s Asking for it and What its Value is for HCM Analytics

Our organization is pathetically inadequate in this area.  The only flexibility that results in successful personnel changes is by accident and occasional top management intervention … Of course, the consequences are low morale, high turnover and unqualified personnel even in lower-level positions.  Unfortunately, without top management and legislative … buy-in, there is no change in sight.
~ Manager of Strategy Dept, State Government Agency


Technology and Analytical Skills Driving Increased Satisfaction

This is a high level advanced change for many organizations but [especially] more traditional ones. Getting the internal process organized and the system functional are chicken and egg - hard to do one without the other - this is where companies seem to get stuck.
~ HR Director at Large Conglomerate

Overall, better technologies along with skilled analysts [are] needed.  Simply using general reports from an HCM [solution] … is not sufficient any longer.  High quality analytics and predictive analytics are needed to increase strategic alignment with [the] business.
~ HR Director, Technology Firm


Previous Attendee Organizations:

  • Starbucks
  • Kraft
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Raytheon
  • Amway
  • McDonald's
  • FDIC
  • Blue Cross/BlueShield
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Microsoft
  • Best Buy
  • FedEx
  • HSBC
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Allstate
  • DoD
  • AT&T
  • Department of the Treasury
  • John Deere
  • American Airlines
  • Whirlpool
  • Union Pacific
  • CDW
  • BP
  • Sara Lee
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • USAA
  • Amtrak
  • US Cellular
  • UBS
  • Dow Chemical
  • Scripps Company

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