2013 Workforce Planning and Analytics Conference

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In 2012, in the middle of global economic crises, HR’s biggest concern was simply company survival and how to do much more with much less. Now, attention has shifted to planning for and operating in a perpetually uncertain economic future. Managing talent in this environment requires two things; Strategic workforce planning, not just thinking headcount planning, and successfully implementing the plan, not just constructing it.

Strategic workforce planning has always required thoughtful design and accurate analysis, and many organizations perform well in this important phase. Yet most organizations struggle to move past the creation phase and into successful implementation, and “the plan” quickly becomes divorced from reality and irrelevant. Others overlook the need for continual, regular revision and course-correction, or fail to connect the plan to acquisition, onboarding, or succession planning. Others see the potential connection yet are so encumbered by urgent talent ‘fires’ that theory and planning seem unattainable.

Strategic Workforce Planning: The Tools and Skills Change, the Principles Stay the Same

New research from HCI reveals that 50% of HR leaders are not satisfied with their organization’s ability to predict talent needs. At the same time, fewer than 20% strongly agree that HR has the skills to understand and collect necessary data, analyze it, understand it, and present insights in a meaningful and influential way to executives.

In addition, only one in four organizations are using cloud-based HCM technology. With HR unsure of their analytical skills and many using low or no technology, it’s no wonder that they feel they can’t predict talent needs.

Although strategic workforce planning (SWP) principles shouldn’t change over time, processes, people, and technology do. Still, through a convergence of the right technology and skill set, organizations can vastly over-perform their competitors. While it might be tempting to focus on one aspect of workforce planning, the full cycle must be implemented and maintained. It starts with aligning business strategy and works its way through each SWP and talent management aspect until ending with a well-oiled organizational machine running on the best talent in the most critical roles.

SWP is the answer to organizational problems, but in order for it to work leaders need to truly understand the methodology, what it can do, and how to do it for their organization. The Human Capital Institute’s fifth annual Talent Strategy & Workforce Planning Conference will focus on the newest technology, talent skills and processes needed “behind the scenes” to ensure workforce planning success.

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