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AARP is committed to raising awareness of the unique value experienced workers bring to the table. You know that a diverse and inclusive workforce is more than just a box to check.  Study after study shows that diversity is critical to business success. You also know that the workforce is aging – by 2022, workers 50+ will make up 35% of the labor market.  You need solid business strategies to help you build a strong talent pipeline and cultivate an engaged, high-performing workforce.

AARP can help.  We are uniquely positioned to provide both expertise and access to 50+ job seekers through our Job Board, Employer Pledge Program, and Virtual Career Fairs.  We’ve also created tools and conducted research designed to help you evaluate your current practices and provide a view into what other organizations are doing to recruit and retain older workers.


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Changing the Conversation

February 23, 2017 | Lori A. Trawinski PhD,CFP, AARP Public Policy Institute

America’s workforce is aging. People are living longer and many will need or want to work beyond what was once considered typical retirement age. AARP believes that the time has come to disrupt aging—that is, to move beyond outdated ...

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