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The Mindful Organization: Crafting Holistic Employee Experiences

As the competition for top talent intensifies, organizations find themselves in an “arms race” to offer the most comprehensive family-friendly solutions. Mindful Organizations may have a greater ability to provide cost-sensitive, yet robust benefits by addressing the specific climate of their workspace and needs of their employees. By promoting a deeper awareness of employee stressors, Mindful Organizations can refine strategies for improving employee wellbeing that target their employees’ greatest needs, remove distractions, and strengthen productivity and job satisfaction.

In this signature research conducted in partnership between KinderCare Education at Work and HCI, we explore how organizational mindfulness can produce insights on employee stressors and provide strategies for improving work-life integration and family-friendly benefits. 

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Crafting Holistic Employee Experiences

September 11, 2017 | Jessica McFeron

Jessica McFeron from KinderCare Education at Work and the HCI research team discuss the actions your organization can take to help employees successfully integrate work and life demands. Learn how supporting your people is about more than just the number of benefits you offer, instead it is about crafting a holistic employee experience.