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Our members are interested in your experience, expertise, and latest thinking. Feel free to write about anything related to the following categories: Talent Strategy, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development or Talent Leadership. To help focus your thinking, we break down these two general topics into community spaces, and your topic should fit into one of the following:

What’s in it for you?

  • Subject Matter Expertise: You will be seen as a thought leader in the human capital space. We like to work with the best of the best, and pride ourselves on relationships with many of the Fortune 500 companies — it’s great exposure for you and your company.
  • Access: Your work will be available to our 195,000 members worldwide working in the areas of human capital management: practitioners, C-level leaders, executives, consultancies, entrepreneurs, and line managers. Your post will be published on the appropriate community page, and may also be featured on the HCI.org homepage.
  • Social Media Promotion: Your blog post will be promoted over our social media channels. Please provide your twitter handle so we can mention you. If you have any other social media information you want us to push, let us know and we will work to make it happen — we’re members of all the channels, and can put you on any of our pages.
  • Partnership Opportunities: HCI produces 250 webcasts every year, original research reports, and 5 strategic conferences per year all designed to interact with our members. A blog post on our site is an affordable (it’s free!) way to engage with us and our membership. Authoring a blog with us is an important first step to increase your visibility in the human capital space.

Suggestions for Great Posts

An effective blog post for HCI.org contains as many of the following elements as possible:

  • 500 words or so: Keep it short to keep it focused on one area of expertise.
  • A big idea: A focused point of view on a topic that resonates with you makes for an engaging post. If it interests you, it’ll probably interest our members.
  • Educational in nature, not excessively promotional: Our members want to read about your best practices, innovative ideas, and personal experience. We aim to share the latest and most useful ideas that our members can implement in their organizations right now.
  • Synthesized information works best: Can you boil down your point to 3 or 4 main chunks of information? A set of individually titled paragraphs works wonders to help our readers have multiple points of entry in one post.
  • Common language please: No excessive business buzz word usage or industry-specific jargon. Don’t forget our members are global, so please stick to language that is easily understood by all.
  • Fresh content, or a new twist on existing information: Our preference is for brand new content not published in other places. Or if you’ve written a great post somewhere else, but you have a new take on it — we can work with that.
  • Catchy title: Feel free to provide a few options for titles that are concise, provocative, and descriptive of the content in your post.

Download a printable version of this Guide

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