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HCI launches new HR training course on Building Meaningful Analytics; Participants learn to create a Talent Scorecard for their Organization

Author: HCI  |  Source: HCI  |  Published: June 19, 2012

BROOKLYN, NY – June 19, 2012 – The Human Capital Institute (HCI) has announced a brand-new addition to its Human Resources training portfolio designed to assist HR professionals in becoming more data-driven and in developing decision frameworks based on analytics. Titled “Building Meaningful Analytics (BMA)”, the course was developed by talent guru Dave Forman in response to the more significant role in strategic and operational decisions played by HR developers, partners and leaders today.
As the role of HR matures, it also changes, and offers fewer signposts to practitioners for guiding decisions and ensuring success. A strong analytics capability, however, is fast becoming one of the major objectives for talent management. HR, historically more of a science of words over numbers, now has an opportunity to uncover ways in which the business can maximize success. HCI has created the BMA course with these new paradigms in mind. Developed as a one-day course presented both online and in select U.S. cities, the course aims to help HR practitioners:

  • Become more data-driven, allowing HR to lead the business around human capital measures just as finance leads the business in operations and tangible assets.
  • Provide a business intelligence and analytics perspective to addressing problems, uncovering ways in which the business can maximize success by supplying data-based decision frameworks.
  • Make strategic contributions, and in doing so enhance their position and highlight their importance within the organization

By the end of the course, HCI BMA attendees will have a “Talent Scorecard”, tailored to each organization’s specifications and comprised of six to eight measures worth implementing based on their input. With this tool in hand, HR practitioners can begin to address how to increase the transparency of metrics within their own organizations. Successive scorecards, compiled over time, will reveal trends and patterns with more clarity than a single “snapshot” of an org’s current state.
“I frankly don’t know of any competing products for this new course,” states Dave Forman, Chief Learning Officer for HCI and architect of the BMA. “Of course, many businesses recognize the importance of transparent and timely analytics with regards to their people, but to my knowledge this is the first course to actually put forth a solution to the challenges that today’s leaders of talent face in organizing that data.”

The inaugural on-site BMA course will be presented in Washington, DC taking place July 30th, with Online courses also scheduled for August 9th, 22nd and September 25th. Additional on-site courses are available in Chicago and San Francisco with more to be added in the near future. For more information, or to register, please visit http://bit.ly/KPf6lv.
For a complimentary HCI whitepaper on “Talent Metrics that Matter”, please visit http://bit.ly/LGsKDl

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