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Author: HCI  |  Source: HCI  |  Published: March 5, 2012

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – March 5th, 2012 - The Human Capital Institute (HCI) announced today a new suite of compelling education courses for both on-site and online participants. These courses offer a deeper dive into the concepts and strategies touted by HCI, namely the critical importance of innovation, talent analytics, change management, workforce planning, and global outreach in today’s dynamic organization. HCI, a global association for strategic talent management, strives to build on their foundation of excellent human capital education with five courses that address these new business realities.
The announcement was made at the HCI Human Capital Summit held in Scottsdale, AZ. Attended by more than 500 senior talent management executives, this year’s Summit features keynote presentations from such industry gurus as Gary Hamel, ranked by the Wall Street Journal as “the world’s most influential business thinker”; Doug Conant, author of “Touch Points” and former President/CEO of Campbell’s Soup Co.; Lacey All, Director of Strategic Talent Initiatives at Starbucks Coffee Co.; and Peter Sheahan, author of “FL!P” and world-renowned speaker on business trends and new markets. They and others will be addressing the four main drivers of this year’s conference: proven strategies to drive innovation; creating an innovative workforce through recruitment and acquisition; technologies that facilitate innovation; and developing leaders who drive innovation, risk, and a high-performance culture.
The new courses are as follows:
THE GLOBAL HUMAN CAPITAL STRATEGIST (GHCS) – Developed in partnership with an advisory board of HCI members from Pepsi, General Mills, and faculty from the likes of Cornell University, the GHCS seeks to address the balance between a worldwide standardization and local customization in areas such as company culture, talent acquisition and performance management. This two-day certification course builds upon practices introduced in the HCI Human Capital Strategist course, whose completion is recommended though not required.
UNLEASHING THE POWER OF INNOVATION (UPI) – Innovation, and company-wide agility, is recognized now as the core of success in today’s business climate. Yet rather than the province of a think tank or top-down group, innovation must become a company-wide culture. The one-day UPI focuses on tangible, practical steps to create and support a culture of innovation, drawing examples from companies like WL Gore, P&G, Apple, and Virgin. Participants conclude the class with a company-specific playbook for managing the human capital side of business innovation in their own organizations.
BUILDING MEANINGFUL ANALYTICS (BMA) – Utilizing case studies from companies like Microsoft, Sysco, P&G, and Best Buy, the BMA course pushes participants and their companies to go beyond benchmarks and metrics to construct meaningful, actionable analytics and business intelligence. Each session culminates in a company-specific scorecard assembled by class participants, guided by expert faculty. The one-day course is designed to move companies away from intuition and toward a strong analytics capability.
APPLYING STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING (ASWP) – Building off HCI’s successful Strategic Workforce Planning course, the ASWP helps companies strengthen and develop their own futuring and forecasting skills, one of the most sought-after skills in human resources today. Far from an HR function, however, real workforce planning rests with the line, and should include input from IT, finance and other impacted functions. The one-day course is designed to gather these elements and jump-start the planning process by focusing on role segmentation, environmental scanning, and futuring in participants’ own organizations. The goal is to minimize risk by preparing for all possible futures, good and bad.
LEADING AND MANAGING CHANGE (LMC) – Corporate mindsets, ethos, and objectives all change; those who are slow to implement new paradigms suffer. Yet change is now a permanent feature of today’s business world. “Masters of change” display remarkably consistent methodologies to facilitate and sustain successful cultural transitions: acting on real insights; establishing solid methods; employing skills; and allocating the right movements. The two-day LMC course will help establish participants become “masters of change” through communicating vision, assessing risk, empowering others, determining an organizations’ readiness for change, and other traits of successfully dynamic leaders.
These new courses will first be made available as Corporate Training sessions scheduled with individual organizations to be presented at their location, and later in training centers across North America on a regularly scheduled basis, as well as being made available in a streaming, online format. Corporate leaders may also request a course to be presented to their employees, tailored to their specifications.
"We couldn't be happier with the tools and education that our advisory boards and thought leaders have put together," says Carl Rhodes, CEO of HCI. "Our core organizational belief has always been this: as the role of talent and innovation in the workplace continues to evolve, so too must the practices associated with their cultivation. Thanks to them, HCI has a great suite of methodologies on display in these new courses, and I'm very excited to see how they'll be implemented by our members in the near future."

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