2011 Human Capital M-Prize

The Final Results Are In!

The 2011 HCI Human Capital M-Prize award winners were announced at the 2011 HCI Human Capital Summit in Atlanta, GA. HCI and the MIX hosted the Summit attendees and sponsors at an Awards gala at the beautiful Georgia Aquarium on Tuesday, March 8th.

Dr. Gary Hamel and Polly Labarre announced the following winners:

Read more about our finalists and their award-winning ideas on the MIX

Unleashing Human Capabilities

HCI and the MIX invite human capital leaders from around the world to invent a human capital proposal aimed at unleashing human capability in our organizations. What's your bold idea or radical fix when it comes to transforming our human capital systems, activities or leadership practices, so that everybody can contribute their best gifts, make the most impact, and reap the best rewards?

You don't have to be a guru or a CEO — or even a "manager" by title — to be a human capital management innovator. You just have to be frustrated by the status quo — and willing to ask a courageous "What if?"

What if We Could Enable Communities of Passion?

Human Capital Management is successful to the extent we persuade people to contribute their own store of human capital to the organization. Are we passionate about our organizations and leading with passion? How do we transfer that passion to the people we lead? And how do we convert that passion to productivity?

Passion is an incredibly powerful multiplier of human accomplishment, particularly when like-minded individuals converge around a worthy cause. Yet research shows that most employees are emotionally disengaged. They are unfulfilled, so they underperform, and the organization suffers. What if they were not only re-engaged, but passionately interested, and eager to contribute more?

Can we ignite passion by re-structuring work and revising management processes? By introducing a "higher calling" at work? By connecting employees who share similar passions? By aligning the organization's objectives with the natural interests of its people?


Prizes included:

  • Grand Prize — The chance to present the winning proposal story or hack to a progressive global audience at the 2011 HCI Human Capital Summit in Atlanta, GA on March 9th.
  • Finalists Prize — All 3 finalists will receive travel and accommodations to Atlanta for the Summit, along with a full conference pass and an iPad (or equivalent prize), (we would also love to award them a dinner with Gary, but would need to coordinate seating at the awards dinner)
  • Semi-Finalist Prize — All 6 semi-finalists will receive a full conference pass to the Summit and an iPad (or equivalent prize)
  • Global recognition: All winners will be featured on the MIX and MIX partner websites (e.g., HCI.org, McKinsey Quarterly, Gary Hamel WSJ's blog).
  • Featured placement on the MIX (and a substantial boost to your reputational capital and ranking on the MIX).