Accounting for Recruiting

Author: Amy Lewis | Source: HCI | Published: October 5, 2010

Ever wonder how your tax dollars are spent?  Dan Pink shared a fantastic idea recently on his blog: a tax payer’s receipt.   This simple idea has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about government spending and how we interface with our elected officials.  It’s so brilliant, in fact, I thought, “Why can’t we have a Talent Acquisition receipt?”  Recruitment leaders feel the pressure of accounting for the work of their team- why not use actual accounting?  Imagine providing each hiring manager with a receipt, or even bill depending on how your hiring costs are distributed, that showed, for each hire, a line-by-line record of the costs associated with attracting and selecting that employee.  Maybe this could even roll up a level and detail costs, by each activity, for an open requisition.  Talent Acquisition leaders, what do you think?  Would this transparency add to or subtract from the value of your hiring manager relationships?

For the past few weeks, HCI has been asking you to take an online survey regarding how integrated your contingent workers are in your overall talent management programs.  This survey is part of a larger research report we’ll release at the end of October.  Would you like a sneak peek into that research early?  I’ll share highlights from the report, along with insight from several talent leaders on their best practices in the upcoming webcast, Contingent Workforce: Included in Talent Management Programs?

Understanding where the necessary talent will come from to meet your business needs, and what percentage of that talent could or should be contingent, is one of our featured discussion agenda items at the upcoming Strategic Talent Acquisition Executive Workgroup October 20th in Boston.  In this secure and intimate environment, top recruitment leaders will share business challenges and brainstorm on their solutions- will you be there?  Email me directly at and we’ll get you signed up today.

Lou Adler, recruitment guru extraordinaire, shares his thoughts on attracting the top Executive talent.  With new reports suggesting the highest levels of turnover in leadership ranks ever, your executive search and selection strategy better be in top form if you’re to compete and win.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, it was reported that there is a growing fear across organizations regarding the shortage of qualified talent as business picks up in the strengthening economy. So what are organizations doing to address this fear?  It’s not something that Talent Acquisition alone can address- companies must reinvest in leadership and development programs.  Come spend two days with the Human Capital Institute focusing on this important aspect of talent management.  And let us know how you’re preparing for the next evolution of leadership and development on this new survey.

Image: Augapfel