Alleviating the Administrative Headache of Sourcing

Author: Andrew Eggerding | Source: HCI | Published: May 10, 2011

An open position or the need for more talent can appear out of nowhere. Together with scrambling to find the best talent to fill a position, recruiting can be a real headache. But a simple, sourcing aspirin can be just the trick to solving all recruitment problems.

In order for the talent acquisition team to make the strategic contribution that their organization needs, the administrative burden of recruiting must be alleviated. Part of the issue is in timing; if recruiters do not know about the talent needs of the organization until requisitions begin coming in, they are already behind. However, talent acquisition executives need to also automate and simplify their process and allow recruiters to focus on sourcing, engaging, and maintaining top talent in pipelines.

In this free webcast from the Human Capital Institute, Shanil Kaderali, Senior Leader for Talent Programs at WellPoint, will discuss how organizations are automating and simplifying the administrative tedium of recruiting and focusing their recruiters on the more important activities of actually finding and engaging candidates.

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