Announcing the HCI Human Capital M-Prize Semifinalists!

Author: Katherine Ratkiewicz | Source: HCI | Published: February 3, 2011

Back in December we announced the launch of the first ever Human Capital and Strategic Talent Management award, “The HC M-Prize”. HCI, in partnership with The Mix, was looking for the boldest thinking, most-powerfully developed vision, and the most cleverly-designed experiments for unleashing passion in our organizations. And we asked you (our 180,000+ members): What is your bold new idea or radical solution to the lack of engagement and passion in our current workforces? What game-changing story or “hack” can transform employees everywhere into more engaged, motivated and productive contributors?


Well, you answered loud and clear! We received some 85 entries – that comprised some of the most surprising, inspiring, and cutting-edge stories and hacks. Our HC M-prize judges (Gary Hamel, Marcus Buckingham, John Boudeau, Colin Price, and Polly LaBarre) had the challenging role of whittling down the list from 85 to 10 semi-finalists. I encourage all of you to go out and read these entries because they truly comprise the latest, greatest thinking and action in our space:

Congrats to all of the semifinalists! They will each win a full conference pass to the 2011 HCI Human Capital Summit in Atlanta GA (March 7-9, 2011), an iPad, recognition on the HCI site, as well as the MIX. (So those of you who are planning to join me at the Summit, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet these great human capitalists as well!)

But wait! There’s more to come – we’re not at the end of the road yet! The semifinalists have an opportunity to build out their entries a bit more between now and the final deadline, February 20th. Next week, on Wednesday, February 9th at 1pm, Gary Hamel will be hosting a webcast to feature all of the semifinalists for the HC M-Prize and will be discussing the entries and offering feedback as the semifinalists work to land the top prize.
Prof. Hamel will be focusing on the following topics during this rare 1-hour online “workshop”:
  1. Ultimate Advantage – discovering the power of management innovation
  2. Learning from the Management Vanguard – bold ideas and progressive practices
  3. Creating an Award-Winning Management Hack or Story – tips for getting started
  4. Extended Q&A with Webcast Participants
The contest is heating up and we’re looking forward to seeing which of the 10 make it to the finalists round. There will be three finalists selected and one of whom will be named the Grand Prize Winner and earn a spot on the HCI Human Capital Summit stage among lots of other goodies! These announcements will be out on Feb 28th – so stay tuned!