Business Trumps All

Author: Amy Lewis | Source: HCI | Published: August 10, 2010

In the world of recruiting, we have a tendency to name various elements of the talent attraction and selection process as strategic competitive advantages; factors like career websites, speed-to-hire or interview technologies have all carried this mantle.  While having world-class acquisition programs can certainly net your organization better hires, let’s not lose sight of the true, overarching competitive advantage: your product or service.  How can talent acquisition protect that, over all else?

Take, for example, a recent court case Eric Meyer writes about over at the Legal Intelligencer blog.  In it he recounts the story of a senior executive with one of the bakeries responsible for Thomas’ English Muffins famous nooks and crannies.  This senior exec was one of the few people who knew how they were made, and took his secret knowledge to a competitor without having signed a non-compete.  While Meyer writes that non-competes aren’t a blanket solution to the issue of protecting trade secrets, they are a safe bet.  So how are you guarding against intellectual property theft, Recruiters?  And is your organization protecting against customer loss with non-solicit agreements?

Other blogs questioning the status quo this week: Hillary Roberts examines revisiting the need of the traditional job requirement of a college degree, Amanda Lewiscompares a job interview with a first date,  Leslie Stevens-Huffman shares how HR leaders are integrating contracted labor into workforce plans, and Phil Haynes calls Recruiting out on crappy customer service.

Annette Foght, Director of National Recruiting at HCR ManorCare discusses how her organization challenged traditional recruitment advertising methods and came up on the winning end with better candidates and improved efficiencies.

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