Case Study: Technology Meets Vision in HR Shared Services

Author: Andrew Eggerding | Source: HCI | Published: April 7, 2011

Technology has never been more conducive to supporting the HRSS model.  Karen Francks, Manager, HR Services, Pepco, knows this first-hand; having been present at the creation and subsequent dismantling of Pepco Holdings (PHI’s) earlier shared services call center 12 years ago due to a lack of enabling technology and the ability to outsource functions.  However, the dismantling and outsourcing unexpectedly shifted HR service delivery onto the backs of high-cost business partners.  Today’s new Cloud enabling options have significantly strengthened the business case for a next-generation model – playing an increasingly critical role in managing HR business processes and delivering services.  This free webcast will discuss:

  • The evolution of HR service delivery models and the limitations of each – or, “how we got there from here”
  • How next-gen technology-enabled HRSS is more than a pendulum swing due to full-service, integrated solutions that increase service and lower costs
  • Steps for successfully integrating a new technology platform

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Photo: Steve 2.0