The Choice Is Theirs: Become the Employer Candidates Desire

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June 20, 2017 | Jobvite | HCI

Growing up in the 80s meant something spectacular happened every Sunday morning: the delivery of the biggest newspaper of the week. Pulling off that tan rubber band unlocked more news, comics and more classified ads than a kid could handle!

The promising search through the classifieds would provide a resource for any need (or want) I had growing up. I didn’t completely get it at the time, but my parents always made sure my choice ads came from a credible source before allowing me to call the seller or hirer.

With hundreds of job openings printed in each Sunday paper, each hiring professional had to do what they could to stand out. And among tiny text boxes of “something white, black, and read all over,” the company where the open position lived had to be a special place.

Fast-forward more than 30 years to our fast-paced, highly competitive world of talent acquisition and it’s about far more than what a reader can infer from a newspaper ad.

Sixty-nine percent of US professionals would pass on a job offer if it comes from a company with a bad reputation, according to a 2016 Jobvite study. HR leaders must stay way ahead of the curve, and maintain a company’s reputation in a way that makes them an employer of choice.

If your organization is an employer of choice among top candidates, you’re the one people are longing to work for. Employees are treated exceptionally well, they stay loyal in building their career with you, and they never feel stuck.

In fact, workers want more than to be part of your crew. They’ll plan their entire careers within your four walls. They’ll maintain loyalty through promotions and position changes, the coming and going of colleagues, and becoming masters of trade.

Career pathing comes with being an employer of choice. When you’re the one workers want to spend their professional lives with, you’re the one that delivers training and development, and plenty of opportunities for progression.

The right investments, company culture, potential career paths and building of your brand can bring your company closer to reaching goals in acquiring the best talent. 

So how do you become the chosen one - the employer candidates practically wait in line for? This to this webcast on demand, in which Amy Hirsch Robinson breaks it down into three steps:

  • Define your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Speculate career pathing and employee development
  • Establish career flexibility within your organization