Creating a Best Place to Work Environment: Why It’s Important

June 2, 2017 | Melissa Barry | Glint
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At Ketchum, we are in a client service industry, delivering break through marketing communications strategies for our customers. While we pride ourselves on being an agency that delivers extraordinary work for brands around the world, an agency itself doesn’t deliver great work ─ the people who work for the agency do. At the end of the day, it’s about our people, so we strive to create a vibrant workplace experience for them.

Most recently recognized as one of the top five PR agencies to work for in North America by The Holmes Report, Ketchum holds a steady record of being named a top place to work. We believe this is a true reflection of our dedication to enhancing the employee experience. We build a collaborative and enriched working atmosphere for our people through a mix of programs and flexibility. But, why is it important for us to focus heavily on creating this Best Place to Work environment?

For starters, it is simply good business to develop great people. As seen in the employee service profit chain, high employee satisfaction leads to good work resulting in high quality deliverables for our clients. It’s not a secret that long-standing client relationships leads to a profitable business. Employees who feel valued are likely to be more collaborative, innovative, and perform at higher levels. A healthy and profitable business can then continue to invest in employee development.

We are also incredibly focused on being a best place to work because we want to attract diverse talent to our agency. Ketchum is an ideas place, so it is all about our people and their expertise, creativity, and leadership. According to research, as well as our own experience, we know that diverse talent leads to interesting and novel ideas for our clients as well as new and exciting experiences for our colleagues.

Lastly, as an agency that prides itself on leading human, we truly value the employee experience at Ketchum. We all dedicate a lot of time to our work, and we want our team members to feel good and accomplished about the hours that are spent here. By being deeply committed to developing our people to be the best in the business, we are able to then deliver the best, and most creative work for our clients.

During our June 6 webinar with the Human Capital Institute (HCI), sponsored by our friends at Glint, Jennifer Dew and I will discuss our Ketchum talent strategy and we will do a deep dive into some of our global initiatives and local programming that continues to make Ketchum a people-centric work environment.

At Ketchum, it is imperative for us to fuel our people’s success. While we have earned many accolades for our work around the world, we are only able to achieve this because of our employees. We hope to see you on the June 6 webinar. It will be a fun and interactive session – see you there!