Do You Have What It Takes?

Author: Yemil Martinez | Source: HCI | Published: May 5, 2010

The word leader is too often a cliché, so overused that its value is often not respected. But we all know the intrinsic value of a leader and will seek out that individual that demonstrates the passion, focus and willingness to stand for others when so few are willing.

HCI has long considered the concept of leader within the realm of human capital. Leadership is about behavior, not title or position; and one of the most critical roles a leader can play is in hiring, engaging, developing and retaining top talent. The manager as talent leader creates a cycle of value that ripples throughout the organization.

The value that a manager brings to an organization is the performance of the people that he or she manages; it is no longer the individual contributions of the manager that count. This is not an easy personal transition to make because it enters uncertain and unfamiliar grounds.

With these considerations in mind, HCI has developed a unique program that identifies the new competencies for managers as talent leaders and how to implement a high performance culture. HCI’s new course, Strategic Talent Leadership, focuses on the tools needed to attract, develop, deploy and retain the best workforce in your industry.

As you consider the possibility of being a talent leader in your organization, consider the opportunity to learn powerful yet simple tools and practices that can have a measurable impact on employees and the organization.