Driving Global Team Performance

Author: Hillary Roberts | Source: HCI | Published: January 3, 2011

As nations continue to be intermeshed through a global network of communication and trade, business practices are forced to adapt.  In order for businesses to take full advantage of the benefits that globalization has allowed, a framework of excellent communication skills, as well as foundations for collaboration need to be laid out in a strategic manner.  The success and ultimate bottom line of your business rely directly on how effectively your global workforce interacts and communicates

Aligning a workforce that reaches its full productivity potential in markets across the world requires strategic tools to accelerate communication and foster an environment of collaboration.   These tools can be critically instrumental in setting up a new global team, and they can be applied to existing global team communication breakdowns within your business.  Join the Human Capital Institute on January 20th at 12 PM EST for a free webcast featuring Stuart Robertson of Pfizer and learn what specific strategies to implement, and in turn eliminate communication breakdowns and other misconceptions that can critically obstruct global team productivity.   

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Photo: atomicshed