Ethics, Integrity and Great Leaders

Author: Joy Kosta, MSWP, MHCS, HRBP | Source: HCI | Published: June 3, 2010

The ethics and integrity of financial services is in the limelight again. Money makes the world go round, but Emotional Intelligence keeps the roller coaster from going off the tracks. Hear Doug Lennick’s insights and success with American Express.

Steve Priest, President of the Ethical Leadership Group, identifies seven early warning signs of cultural weak links that impact an ethical workplace. Find out how leaders can institute critically important informal listening conversations.

Recruiting great leaders may be the most important investment you ever make. See how it’s done at Cargill, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, UPS, and Colgate-Palmolive at HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference June 28-30 in San Francisco; if you’re a strategic leader in recruitment, you’ll leave with a competitive edge.

Vanguard knows great teams depend on engagement and connection to the organization; so they measure how valued their talent feels, and capture the extent to which recognition makes a difference. Vanguard leaders realize the correlation between achieving operations results and engaging talent through recognition.

Are you leading as fast as the world is changing? Imminent healthcare reform will test leaders’ resourcefulness to keep talent engaged with new service delivery implications from emerging regulations. Edward O'Neil, Professor in Family and Community Medicine and Dental Public Health at University of California, San Francisco shares learning from the forefront of workforce capability to improve the well being of their communities.

Talent management is the next step for strategic HR professionals. Join the game-changing HR leaders who are achieving their Human Capital Strategist (HCS) Certification in Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Boston, South Plainfield, Atlanta, Houston and Minneapolis this summer

As we come to the end of the week, another reminder that our Research Team has kicked off its latest survey for a new report in our Signature Series. This survey will attempt to identify the chief issues and concerns facing senior executives like you and provide some benchmarking data on Strategic Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning. We hope you can take 15 minutes of your day to participate and take this survey now!

If you’re a leader, you’re in the limelight.“Limelight” is an intense white light produced by heating a piece of lime in a flame, first used to illuminate the stage in the theatre; if ever leaders were in an intense white light, it’s today. 

limelight photo courtesy of djuliet