Getting (the Right) Goals Done

Author: Joy Kosta, MSWP, MHCS, HRBP | Source: HCI | Published: December 16, 2010

If you’re making a list and checking it twice, after the holiday shopping for who has been naughty and nice, you may be reflecting on how you personally did meeting your goals this year, how your team and department did and how your organization did on this year's big hairy audacious goals. Equally important is reflecting on why, and even more important is drafting the right goals across the board for next year, to confidently predict desired business and personal performance.

What type of leadership will carry us into the future? How would the talent you lead report strengths and opportunities for improvement in both performance and engagement? Is learning the core component of all performance? When you take money off the table as a motivator, Dan Pink says the goals that have the most impact come from autonomy, reflect purpose, and further mastery. Tom Davenport says that SMART goals are not enough; they must be few in number and focused, incremental and matched with the cadence of work. Get in the right frame of mind and plan the right goals for 2011; upgrade to Executive Membership and join Jim Goodrich and me in an Executive Conversation about seeing your future self.

Get your best ideas out in front and be recognized as a human capital innovator. You just have to be frustrated by the status quo — and willing to ask a courageous "What if?" Submit your entry by January 20 to be eligible to win HCI’s M-Prize.

Meanwhile, enjoy the light of the holidays, use some of the time to reflect, be creative, and refuel, and see you in 2011! Drop me a line and let's swap New Year’s resolutions and stretch goals!

photo courtesy of insidetwit