How HR Can Support Managers in Coaching Conversations

March 22, 2019 | Quantum Workplace | HCI
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Leadership and employees have lost faith in traditional performance management. Almost half of HR professionals say that performance management is a waste of time. And only 29 percent of employees believe HR actually helps them perform better.

As organizations begin to retire old-school performance management methods, like annual reviews and stack ratings (good riddance!), they’re replacing them with real-time and ongoing, manager-employee coaching conversations. But there’s one problem -- being a manager is really hard. In fact, our latest research uncovered only one-third of managers feel like they can help people change, and less than 10 percent believe they know how to help make behavior change sustainable.

Whether you’ve completely transitioned to more agile performance management methods or you’ve taken your first step on the journey, it’s HR leaders’ responsibility to train and support managers as they coach employees to high performance.

So, how can you transform your managers into confident coaches? How can you make sure their conversations with employees are engaging and working to improve performance? By giving them the support, resources, and guidance they need to develop themselves and their people.

Want a crash course on the subject? Join Anne Maltese and Teresa Preister from the Quantum Workplace Insights team on Wednesday, March 27 at 12 p.m. EDT as they detail the five critical lessons your managers need to learn, what you can do to support them along the way, and how you can ensure each conversation works to improve individual performance and team engagement.

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