How the USMC Uses Branding to Fill Pipelines

Author: Hillary Roberts | Source: HCI | Published: February 14, 2011

Any organization that seeks to establish and maintain candidate relationships for the purposes of recruiting knows that effective employer branding is essential. The challenge is how to leverage employer branding to fill talent pipelines. Businesses need more than warm bodies, they need quality potential hires that aren’t thinking of the opportunity as just another job, but have a real desire to be a part of the organization. How can organizations shift their recruiting strategy to:"We don't take applications, only commitments”?

The United States Marine Corps has perfected this. They are able to sell an individual into giving up their regular lifestyle, travel halfway around the world, be gone for months at a time, and risk life and limb while working in a hostile environment. They do this by using branding to reach not just anyone, but the right individuals, ones that share their values and are inspired by their mission. Organizations need to stop asking the individual to sell themselves but instead, market the business to the right individual and maintain these relationships with the use of effectual branding. This free webcast brought to you by the Human Capital Institute  will illustrate the Marine Corps Integrated Marketing Case Study, a comprehensive program that includes life cycle relationship marketing with candidates and influencers including discussion of the goals, objectives, candidate profiles, program outreach elements and measures of effectiveness.


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