Improving Employee Engagement Helps you Deliver on your Corporate Vision

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March 6, 2017 | IBM | HCI

When an organization’s employees are engaged and empowered, they’re on track to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer and drive business results.

Employee engagement starts with an open mind and an open ear from leaders. If leaders are willing to listen, employees will discuss. According to an IBM study, 83 percent of employees said they would participate in an employee listening program. But it doesn’t stop there.

As equally as important as listening, is what leadership does with the information. If there is no action taken from surveys, employees are much less likely to respond in the future, and there usually is a decline in engagement, with affects overall business results.

IBM discusses in their white paper, Improving Employee Engagement Key Lessons from Repeat Surveys: “…unless this feedback is acted upon, employee engagement levels are unlikely to improve. One predictor of change in employee engagement is whether employees believe positive change has taken place as a result of previous surveys.”

The human resources industry is going through major change – becoming more strategic, and a key player in helping organizations differentiate themselves.

Leadership is taking on a ‘more than just a survey’ approach to employee engagement – moving from transactional to transformational strategies. Through research and deep data analysis, leaders learn where workers stand in helping the organization reach its mission.

Effective, sustainable employee engagement is practiced through regular feedback and balanced conversations, leaving employees feeling supported and aligned with and committed to company goals.

When effective, continuous listening is practiced through regular feedback and balanced conversations, employees are likely focused on the right track to success, they feel supported and they’re aligned with and committed to goals.

To gain deeper insight into making employee engagement your mission and how to move from a transactional to transformational approach, register for the Feb. 8 webcast, Using Engagement Measurement and Insights to Deliver on the Group’s Vision.

Your engaged employees will help your organization leverage its strengths, valuable lessons will be learned, and success strategies can be repeated for future victory.

To learn more watch this on demand webcast to hear how Lloyds Banking Group is using engagement measurement insights to deliver on their vision.

Here are 3 ways to drive engagement in your organization:

  1. Invite employees to give honest feedback in the moment, in both structured and unstructured formats. Constant communication with employees deepens and strengthens their levels of engagement, which boosts your business’ performance and customer satisfaction, too.
  2. Empower managers by giving them the tools and training they need to proactively support communication across their team. Reinforce what a valuable piece of the engagement puzzle people managers serve and share progress along the way.
  3. Be prepared to take action on the feedback you receive. There is nothing less motivating for a workforce than being encouraged to provide input and waiting for a response or action that never comes. Analyze, interpret, and create a plan to execute on areas that need improvement.