A Magic Bullet for a Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics?

Author: Hillary Roberts | Source: HCI | Published: March 21, 2013

Strategic Workforce Planning is one of the most sought after skills in talent management today. But even as organizations around the world devote time and effort to understand this critical discipline, they are arriving at an important conclusion — the secret to gaining strategic advantage through workforce planning efforts lies in the ability to implement strategic workforce plans and go beyond theory.
Strategic Workforce planning is at the beginning of a renaissance as organizations understand its fundamental importance to human capital management. After workforce planning made its original splash in the mid-nineties, it fell out of favor with many organizations due to the sheer complexities involved. Now, thanks to advances in talent management and data collection/analysis, organizations are finally equipped to excel in this enormous and critical task. 
The Human Capital Institute has been tapping into progressive organizations such as ESPN, HP, Fed Ex, Vistaprint and Procter & Gamble to identify the most pressing challenges when it comes to Strategic Workforce Planning, and to capture the tested strategies that provide the solutions, and the ultimate competitive advantage. 
Key issues addressed in the Workforce Planning & Analytics portal include:

  • Talent Segmentation:  Content on how to think about talent segmentation, and incorporate it into a strategic workforce planning process.
  • Environment Scanning:  Content related to the intelligent and selection analysis of the external environment while doing workforce planning.
  • Futuring/Scenario Planning:  Specifying and analyzing alternative future states that might drive today’s workforce decisions.
  • Gap Analysis/Action Planning:  Seeing potential gaps before they become realities, and solving potential issues before they become real problems.
  • Metrics & Analytics:  Which metrics matter, which don’t, and how to gather and analyze actionable data.

The HCI Workforce Planning and Analytics Enterprise Solutions bundle offers individuals, groups or whole teams within an organization the opportunity to learn at the level that best matches both their individual needs and the goals of the organization.Subscriptions provide users with unlimited and on-demand access to the best resources from today’s leading thought leaders, business schools and practitioners: 

  • HCI Best Practices Library Videos:  Practical 50-minute lessons, developed and delivered by hands-on practitioners, expert consultants and academics.
  • HCI Executive Insights:  3 to 4 minute “lessons” from seasoned business leaders on how they have solved key challenges.
  • HCI Conference Keynotes: All Enterprise Clients have on-demand access to these keynote presentation online, so they can tap into the latest and best thinking from each conference.
  • HCI Research:  Rigorous, insightful, world-class research and analysis, which leverages our unique community of executive practitioners, expert consultants, academics and global thought leaders.
  • HCI Tools: Scores of usable tools and templates that can be downloaded, quickly customized, and implemented. The result: hours saved for more strategic, value-added work.
  • HCI Conference Seats:  HCI’s talent management summits and conferences are strategic events, designed for the most progressive executives in human capital and line management. They are a key element of HCI Issue Portfolios as they not only provide a venue to learn directly from experts, but also offer an opportunity to network with peers from around the world working on similar challenges. 
  • HCI Class Seats:  HCI Education helps high-potential leaders and teams adopt new paradigms, implement new practices, and achieve competitive advantage and market success through strategic talent management. Our certification and designation programs are considered the gold standard for proving knowledge and successfully implementing solutions to real-world talent and leadership challenges. 
  • Masters Workgroup Seats:  The HCI Masters Workgroup is a unique blend of classroom instruction, on-the job work projects, expert coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and online, On-Demand content. It is a year-long program that begins with one of HCI’s classes and culminates in solving a real-world, pressing problem that is sitting on your desk. Powered and guided by HCI’s expert faculty, a wealth of online resources, and a local network of HCI peer practitioners. Issue Portfolio clients benefit from these invaluable groups.

In a global economy that appears destined for a prolonged period of instability over the next decade or more, the ability to practice Strategic Workforce Planning is becoming one of the most important skills in business.  How is your organization's Strategic Workforce Plan?  
Find out how you measure up by visiting www.hci.org and checking out our Enterprise Solutions.  We would be more than happy to set you up with a complimentary demo-  feel free to email me for more information: hillary.roberts@hci.org