March Madness Mayhem!

Author: Hillary Roberts | Source: HCI | Published: March 24, 2011

If you are like me, you have given up all hope on your 2011 NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball brackets—Syracuse loses?!  Come on, who saw that coming?  Louisville choked and so did Pittsburgh- those were huge upsets that were sure to destroy many brackets. 

At this point in the tournament, college basketball fans have most likely experienced the surprises and upsets that are exactly what March Madness is all about.  In the first two rounds of the tournament, there have been numerous close games that came down to one call, one possession, one shot, or one shining moment.  This drama is enough to make fans and bracket-holders all over cringe and weep.

Another ranking that seems to be filled with upsets comes from a study by Universum of 10,306 young professionals (defined as college graduates with one to eight years of work experience with the average age of 27).  These younger professionals were asked to pick as many as five companies that they consider the most desirable place to work.  

The resulting statistics started off as no surprise: one in four young workers wants to work at Google Inc.  The company is no slouch in employer branding as they continuously run blogs, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels that aim to show what it's like to work at Google.

Here is where the rankings got interesting, where the upsets started, Apple, a company that is so hot right now with the younger generations due to the popularity of the iPhone, iPad, etc., only had about half the votes that Google received.  Walt Disney Co., the U.S. State Department and Inc. rounded out the top five.  The U.S. State Department?? Really?? 

  • I would love to hear your feedback about these upsets? 
  • Do you agree that they are in fact upsets? 

And back to basketball: if you ask me, given the remaining teams left to play, there is really only one possible upset opportunity left- if Kansas chokes before the Final Four. 

Good luck with your brackets...and your employer branding!


Image Source: Universum

Photo: idreamininfrared