Nothing Says ‘Priority’ Like an Email from the CEO

Author: Amy Lewis | Source: HCI | Published: April 14, 2011

Making the business case.  Executive champion.  Getting a seat at the table.  There’s a reason we need euphemisms for leadership support of talent programs; because those programs are often not aligned with key business objectives.  (And that’s why connecting talent to the business is an evergreen topic at HCI.)  This doesn’t seem to be a problem for our friends at Google, though.

Recently, co-founder Larry Page was named CEO at Google.  And he wasted no time in communicating his top priority to the workforce.  A leaked email states that bonuses will depend on how well the company does on its “strategy to integrate relationships, sharing and identity across our products. If we’re successful, your bonus could be up to 25 percent bigger. If not, your bonus could be up to 25 percent less than target.”

Aside putting competitors on notice, the email, and its subsequent press, stresses how critical Page views social platform success, and correlates that objective directly to employee rewards.  Think any Googlers will ignore the email?

What should Google do if the bonus isn’t enough of a motivator or if the end goal isn’t implicitly clear?  It’s worthwhile to reexamine traditional performance management techniques, says Dean Spitzer, author of “Transforming Performance Management: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success.”

Perhaps one of your CEO’s goals is tied to sustainability or the environment.  Lizz Pellet, Chief Cultural Officer at EMERGE International, shares how to leverage “green” in employment brand to attract, retain, and repel the right fit.

Karen Francks, Manager of HR Services at Pepco Holdings, experienced a similar mandate from leadership: improve HR services.  She shares how her organization uses technology to deliver on that vision.

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Image: Aray Chen