Online Job Postings: When Your Writing Works, Your Recruiting Works

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May 9, 2017 | BambooHR | HCI

A recent, daunting Craigslist search for an apartment in New York City brought up plenty of results - about 2,500, in fact.

As I scanned the never-ending gallery of available units, I noticed that a few details remained constant from post to post – date of listing, bedroom count, neighborhood, and rent rate. But what really caught my eye were certain, varying characteristics that each listing incorporated to look different from its neighbors.

Other than a stunning, possibly filtered photo of the living space, the posts’ authors used tactics like capital letters, endless exclamation marks, an overload of hyphens and asterisks, and the ever-so-tempting “Don’t wait! Will go fast!”

Even if a “splendidly sunny 1BR W/D w/ Waterfall Shower Head” perfectly fit my search criteria, how am I supposed to notice that among the crowd of thousands when looking for a NYC home? Hashtag needle in a haystack.

Just like a realtor in the quest to land a deal with the best tenant ever who’s never once been late paying monthly dues, talent acquisition leaders too are on the hunt for the perfect hire.

With 88 percent of job seekers using job boards, company career sites and social media platforms to find jobs, as HCI reported in May 2016, talent acquisition professionals know they must stand out among the crowd. Findings also showed that more than 22.4 million consumers use online platforms each year. As internet usage and technological advancements increase, so do the number of job seekers looking for opportunities.

If so many candidates go online hoping to land their next big career move, leaders must spend substantial time crafting job postings, and cutting no corners in the process.

Skilled workers often decide to join companies based on culture – they go where they see similar values and principles. The most compelling job posts get qualified candidates to opt into the culture as described. With more than 20 million jobs listed online, you can safely bet that immaculate job postings are well worth your time. After all, job postings are the most critical tool in the recruitment process.

Composing the job title, company information, role summary, responsibilities and duties, skills and qualifications – be impeccable with your words and make them count. An effective description will reduce the number of applications from unqualified candidates and can reduce turnover in the long run.

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