Rekindling Old Flames

Author: Amanda Lewis | Source: HCI | Published: June 22, 2011

As summer begins and the grills start heating up so do weekends full of fun, sun and BBQs. Of course that means being reunited with folks you don’t see every day, or every month, in some cases every year. Yesterday I was reminded of this as we attended a Summer Solstice party to kick off the season with friends. Some surprise guests arrived - sometimes all you need is a little time for relationships to pick up and start again better than ever. 

Is it the same with employees? How many of you have tried re-recruiting alumni of your organization? Are past employees in your candidate pipeline? According to LinkedIn conversations I’ve come across some employers prefer hiring talent that is already employed rather than unemployed. The reasons range from assuming the employed candidate has marketable skills or they are passionate about the new organization if they are willing to leave a steady job, etc… Some even admit that the forbidden fruit is always more desirable.  In any case it seems to me unless you have past experience with the individual it’s all about perception and perception can be dangerous.

People leave managers, not the job. We’ve all heard (and most likely believe) this before. It can’t be true in all cases but if it is in most what’s stopping employers from trying to re-hire top talent that may have left due to a bad manager? Is it the perception from the former employee that nothing has changed?  What about hiring past employees for a different position?

The bottom line is that strong business results depend on great people.  Organizations who recognize people as their most important asset achieve outstanding success through increased revenue and profits.  Having the right processes in place to attract, place, and promote the right people is critical.


photo by annstheclaf