Webcast Replay: New Employee Experience Index Goes Beyond Engagement

June 8, 2017 | Jay Dorio | IBM
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Employee engagement is now established as a critical workforce measure. Higher employee engagement has been associated with higher employee retention, greater customer satisfaction and improved financial performance1.

Many organizations have made great progress improving employee engagement, but they are now asking: what’s next? The answer could be in a new index developed by the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute.

The new Employee Experience Index has five dimensions:

  • Belonging – feeling part of a team, group or organization
  • Purpose – understanding why one’s work matters
  • Achievement – a sense of accomplishment in the work that is done
  • Happiness – the pleasant feeling arising in and around work
  • Vigor – the presence of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement at work

Using survey research from more than 23,000 workers in 45 countries and territories, IBM and Globoforce validated the new index and identified the drivers of a positive employee experience.  These drivers include: organizational trust; supportive coworker relationships; meaningful work; recognition, feedback and growth; empowerment and voice; and work-life balance.

The new Index is already proving popular with forward-thinking organizations as they re-examine their employees’ experience at work as a path to improved job performance and sustained competitive advantage

Watch the replay of this recent webcast to find out about the ideal employee experience at work, what organizations can do to improve employee experience and how higher employee experience has been associated with higher work performance, discretionary effort and lower intentions to leave.  In fact, employees with the least positive Employee Experience Index scores are twice as likely to say they want to leave their organization.

Working for an international organization? You might be interested to know that further research by the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute has found that Employee Experience Index scores are not the same around the world.  In fact, levels of employee engagement vary by up 35 percentage points in surveyed countries. Knowing the benchmark for an organization’s operating countries is important for accurate interpretation of local scores.

Employee experience is an exciting new development in the world of employee listening. It is a highly relevant and contemporary measure that can inform actions that will allow employees to invest more of their whole selves into the workplace, and for their organizations to benefit as a result.


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