Welcome to L&LD - Live From Boston! (Part 1)

Author: Katherine Ratkiewicz | Source: HCI | Published: November 17, 2011

This year's Learning & Leadership Conference is off to a great start! Not an open seat in the house. HCI's CLO, Dave Forman, kicked us off at 8:30 sharp. He shared his "Top 5" things for us to consider this year at our conference (i.e., key ideas from the following books and events in our space): “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins; the two most recent issues of HBR - "The Talent Issue" and "What Companies Do Differently; “That Used to Be Us” - Thomas Friedman; “The Rare Find” by George Anders; and Virginia Rometty becoming IBM's next CEO. 

Dave then turned it over to our first keynote speaker, Bob Cancalosi, CLO of GE Healthcare to hear about the future of the CLO. What a great first presentation! And who doesn't wonder what the future of the CLO role will look like? Well, Bob has a number of predictions that he's shared.
My key takeaways from his talk, which was chockfull of nuggets of wisdom and predictions for the future, called out seven new focus areas for CLOs in 2020:

  1. Strategic output --> Strategic Input
  2. Expert utilization --> Communities of Practice
  3. Variable Agnostic --> Variable Critical
  4. Singular Approach --> Holistic Approach
  5. Mainly USA Driven --> Emerging Market Driven
  6. Social Media Lagging --> Social Media Leading
  7. Limited Career Path --> Career Accelerator

Finally, he predicts that CLOs will...

  • Be orchestrators of cultural fit
  • Lead the integration of strategy into the business plans…optimizing the continuum of how every key process touches the customer
  • Build competencies and developmental curriculum for roles that don’t exist yet
  • Make the traditional triumvirate structure of CEO, CFO, VPHR into a new quad structure with the CLO as a key member of the table
  • Build processes to help employees find information faster and reduce the cycle time of “Discovery” to “Behavior Change”

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