Welcome to L&LD - Live From Boston! (Part 2)

Author: Katherine Ratkiewicz | Source: HCI | Published: November 17, 2011

What an action-packed day! We left off with GE Healthcare's CLO, Robert Cancalosi's predictions for the future of the CLO role.

Since then we've heard from Greg Hartley, Former US Army Special Forces and Author of "The Most Dangerous Business Book You'll Ever Read" who taught us how to read minds! Perhaps most important was to "establish a baseline" - this can be done using one of the following:


  • Sensory Channel Questions
  • Control Questions
  • Problem Questions
  • Visual
  • Cognitive Thought
  • Emotion

What an interesting perspective Greg brought to the Learning & Leadership Development Conference - and we learned some new skills, to boot!

Next we heard from DeLisa Alexander, Chief People Officer at RedHat. This was a powerful session! She introduced us to this incredible company with a great video, and then showed how they applied Open Source principles to their talent management efforts, particularly leadership. Some of her key lessons were around transparency and encouraging "communities of passion". I could have listened to Delisa all day - what a fascinating story and company culture!

Next I'll hear from HCI's CEO, Mr. Carl Rhodes, and Vistage's CHRO, Michael Molina to unveil key research findings from HCI's latest research study, coming out next week! Stay tuned for more updates, and of course our twitter feed #hci2011LD !