Who Owns Reputation?

Author: Amy Lewis | Source: HCI | Published: May 4, 2010

Every day recruiting is challenging, even to the best among us.  Now imagine recruiting under the spectre of a shady reputation, like our poor talent acquisition friends at BP, Toyota, or Goldman.  When it comes to reputation, it doesn’t matter whether there was truly any wrong-doing; only the perception of it matters to consumers and job candidates.  Ron Ashkenas at the Harvard Business Review says that reputation should be owned by everyone in the organization.  Have you taken responsibility today?

Frequent HCI Guest Blogger Tom Cairns writes about a fascinating topic: belief perseverance.   Essentially, he says, we continue to believe in something in the face of all evidence that it’s the wrong activity, choice, or opinion.  How often are you succumbing to this in talent acquisition? 

Popular webcast presenters Marvin Smith from Microsoft and Doug Berg from Jobs2Web are back with a holistic look at using social media to really pump up recruiting performance.  They even share steps you can take right away to measure the results of these efforts.

We’ve talked about mobile recruiting before.  It isn’t going away, in fact, it’s growing in popularity. Michael Marlatt shares his five suggestions for any employer who is considering a “mobile recruitment” solution.

Image: Morton Fox