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Human Capital Strategist Class is Drinking From the Firehose

Blog | Author: Krystin Fakalata | Source: HCI | Published: March 14, 2012

Please excuse the business cliché, but it’s an appropriate saying to describe HCI’s Human Capital Strategist course. I just graduated from HCS, and I passed my test! Let me boil down a select few tidbits from this jam-packed, 2-day course.

Talent Stars

"Talent Stars" a Must-read for Talent Management Professionals

Blog | Author: Alan Mellish | Source: HCI | Published: December 13, 2011

Since there is still time for getting that talent management professional in your life something for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa, we thought we might make a recommendation.  “Dancing with the Talent Stars” by Kevin Wilde is an excellent guide to talent management for anyone whether new or old to the profession. Wilde is Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer at General Mills, Inc.

Black Friday Calls

People, Purchases and Early Wakeup Calls

Blog | Author: Aubrey K. Wiete, M.A. | Source: HCI | Published: December 1, 2011

Last Friday had black written all over it: sales up 7.3%, the Dow gaining 200+ points,  a whole website dedicated solely to the 24-hour impasse that is the busiest shopping day of the year. There’s no doubt about it – we are a nation of consumers.
I have not personally participated in Black Friday before (shocking, I know), but enough conversations with friends and stories about 3am wake-up calls, doorbuster deals, and specialty Friday Finds leaves me with more than a few nuggets of information to chew on. The most common denominator, it seems, is strategy.

Running Lessons

Lessons from a Life on the Pavement

Blog | Author: Aubrey K. Wiete, M.A. | Source: HCI | Published: April 20, 2011

As a woman and occasional distance runner, I was saddened this week to hear of the passing of Grete Waitz, an elite runner who won nine New York City Marathons — a record still unmatched by any other man or woman — and the Silver Medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. 

Human Capital Institute

And the Winner Is...

Blog | Author: Ron Thomas | Source: HCI | Published: November 23, 2010

My uncle had a love for the “ponies.” During the summer break from college, he would take me and all my brothers and we would head to the race track. It was always a fun family event on Saturdays. We would all sit in the clubhouse, which was a lot more elegant than the grandstand, and there we would begin the process of choosing winners for each race.

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