Increasing Hiring Effectiveness

Cultural Alignment

Recruiting for Cultural Alignment

Blog | Author: Courtney Robinson | Source: HCI | Published: March 15, 2012

Decreased customer satisfaction, low productivity, high turn-over, and dissatisfied employees are a few of the consequences a bad hire can have on an organization. Developing a creative sourcing and recruiting strategy is one way to prevent these results. Competencies and attributes necessary to be successful in a position go beyond skills sets and educational experience.

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How to Reduce Excessive Employee Turnover

Webcast | Presented By: Jeff Labrador, Hailey Herleman | Webcast Aired: September 27, 2011

While a certain amount of turnover is healthy in any organization, excessive voluntary turnover indicates a serious structural problem.  What can organizations do to ensure their best talent isn't leaving in droves?

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Talent Management: A “Best-in-Class” Selection Strategy

Webcast | Presented By: David Millner | Webcast Aired: December 14, 2010

Any talent management framework or strategy needs to have a clearly defined selection strategy that aligns with the broader organizational talent demands and encourages best practice processes and procedures that ensure consistency and fair treatment for all of those involved.

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