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Our Business Leaders are Ready for Strategic Talent Acquisition—Take Note!

Blog | Author: Randi Kenney | Source: HCI | Published: 2 hours ago

Looking back at all the positions your organization has filled within the past year, how many are still performing at the level you expected when they were hired? How many are still with the company at all? Why?

In order to move from a transactional function to a more strategic role in the business, HR must take a holistic approach to recruiting and hiring ─ beyond just filling open positions.

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HCIPodcast: HR & the Future of Work

Podcast | Presented By: Jacob Morgan | Published: 2 days ago
In this 10 minute interview with Jacob Morgan, we ask him:  Can you explain for our listeners the three environments that make up the employee experience and how can organizations prepare for the future of work? How can HR play an active ... Read more
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Build Your Brand and Candidates Will Follow

White Paper | Author: Angela Hills, Cielo | Published: February 5, 2016
These days in the talent management world, the topic of workforce engagement is nearly as popular as social media, and research bears out the idea that employee engagement is critical to an organization’s long-term ... Read more
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Best Practice: Identify High Potentials Before You Lose Them!

White Paper | Author: Zach Lahey, Research Analyst, Human Capital Management | Published: January 19, 2016
A massive skills gap exists today; in fact, per Aberdeen Group’s report Talent Acquisition Technology: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond (April 2015), an all-time high 79% of companies indicated a shortage of critical skills available in the labor ... Read more
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Hire for Fit: The Art & Science

White Paper | Published: January 19, 2016
Organizations that want a strategic advantage over their competitors must base new hire decisions on far more than skills. Now is the time to integrate best practices into your hiring process to ensure your organization hires ... Read more
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2016 Recruitment Marketing Blueprint

White Paper | Published: January 19, 2016
While your competition is focused on short-term hiring for this quarter, now is the time for you to assess what you need to make 2016 a break-out year for your talent acquisition strategy and gain a competitive advantage in the fierce competition ... Read more
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Reinventing HR? This Perspective May Surprise You

White Paper | Author: Sue Marks, Cielo CEO | Published: January 19, 2016
The HR function in many companies is not able to perform at the level needed. And in those organizations, their Boards and CEOs do not recognize it.  Because we live in a world where organizations and markets are more complex ... Read more
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2016 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook

White Paper | Published: January 11, 2016
This Ideabook contains 37 great ideas you can use to improve your recruitment marketing strategy now and in 2016: from becoming a storyteller to better understanding your target candidate personas to elevating your social game, and much more. ... Read more
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