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The New Role of the CHRO: A Catalyst for Change

Blog | Author: Randi Kenney | Source: HCI | Published: 3 days ago

Today’s HR leaders are working in a highly disruptive era. New technologies quickly outpace old ways of doing business. Employers are seeking individuals with skills and competencies that didn’t exist in the job market five years ago. HR is poised to embrace these changes and empower their larger organizations to successfully navigate this new world of business. In order to do so, a recent survey of 601 CHROs revealed that the most perceptive CHROs are capitalizing on emerging technologies to improve the employee experience, building a flexible skills base and drawing on analytics to predict future workforce trends.

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Surprise! Humans are Bad at Hiring

Blog | Author: Ray Bixler | Source: HCI | Published: August 17, 2016

Diversity in the workplace is a major focal point for human resources professionals. There are classes designated to learning about implementing diversity, researchers who study it and entire publications that write about it. But what if without even realizing it the very hiring professionals that are committed to diversity and equal opportunity were making the same kinds of hires over and over? What if humans just aren’t good at making unbiased hiring decisions?

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The Guide to Source of Influence: What, Why, and How

White Paper | Source: Smashfly | Published: August 17, 2016

Are you tracking all the sources of influence in your candidates' journey? Candidates are acting more like consumers in their search for a career, which means there are more touchpoints that influence their decision of where to apply. If ...

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