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When It Comes to Onboarding Technology, THINK BIG!

Blog | Author: Ryan Rivera | Source: HCI | Published: December 15, 2014

If you use onboarding technology, you are probably familiar with how the system helps streamline and manage the onboarding process, but if you look closely at other employee life events like promotions, transfers, or even offboarding, you’ll see that onboarding technology can help manage the entire employee life cycle.  

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3 Power Plays towards Power Recruiting

Article | Published: December 15, 2014
Power Recruiting leverages today’s mobile, social, and video technologies, coupled with modern marketing techniques to attract and engage the best candidates. A Power Recruiting strategy needs an innovative talent acquisition ... Read more

The 5 Key Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Employer Brand in 2015

Blog | Author: Ryan Rivera | Source: HCI | Published: December 10, 2014

Employer branding, whether through career portals, company newsletter, corporate policy, or social media, is a key component to the success of any organization.  Good or bad, how a company represents its culture can have a real impact in a number of areas.  From talent acquisition to year-end earnings, a company’s reputation as an employer can have a major impact on its long-term success.  In this post you’ll find five key reasons you need to pay attention to and strengthen your employer brand.

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Two Opportunities for Job Seekers & Employers This Holiday Season

Blog | Author: Indeed Research | Source: HCI | Published: December 9, 2014

Whether ramping up for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday, retailers of all kinds are anticipating good tidings from holiday shoppers this season.

The National Retail Federation predicts retail sales in November and December to increase 4.1% from last year, a total of $616.9 billion — the first year-over-year gain greater than 4% since 2011. In response, businesses are planning to hire between 725,000 and 825,000 seasonal retail employees for the holidays.

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The Science of Successful Hiring

Article | Source: SkillSurvey | Published: December 8, 2014
The last thing any organization would do is gamble on its hiring process. Right? Wrong. So many organizations do. They use unscientific, unstructured, and unsuccessful approaches to hiring. Read more

Get More from Your Video Interview by Putting Candidates at Ease

Blog | Author: Michele Ellner | Source: HCI | Published: December 3, 2014

When a dream job is on the line, it’s natural for candidates to have a few jitters before their job interview, whether it’s virtual or in-person.  After all, the stakes are high, and if your candidate is a video interview newbie, he or she may be a little nervous going into it. Fortunately, video interviewing solutions today are designed to eliminate those sources of anxiety so your candidates can comfortably showcase their talents, and both sides can make a good assessment of fit. Here are five ways you can put candidates at ease with a positive video interview experience:

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Keynote Video

Laying the Foundations for an Agile Talent Pipeline

Keynote Video | Presented By: Michael Moeller | Published: December 1, 2014
Sustaining growth in today’s fast changing market requires a robust pipeline of agile leaders who can quickly work across the organization to take on emerging opportunities and respond to new challenges. One way to address this issue is to ... Read more
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