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Three Ways to Hire Smarter in Higher Education

Article | Published: 2 days ago
People. They're the foundation of every higher education institution. They're responsible for your enrollment, retention, graduation rates, and your reputation. And yet, when it comes to selecting people, many institutions still rely on ... Read more

What “Candidate Experience” Means in Today’s Digital World

Blog | Author: Mike Roberts | Source: HCI | Published: 2 days ago

Since most Millennials have been immersed in technology for a majority of their lives, it’s safe to say they’re pretty awesome judges of all things digital. As a consequence, consumer-facing aspects of businesses really have no choice but to keep pace with these users’ digital expectations as they evolve over time. Though, that’s not always the case for the less visible parts of the business—like recruiting.

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Indeed Client Story: Equifax

Video | Published: 3 days ago
Equifax, a leading consumer credit reporting agency and analytics company, uses Indeed to attract the best candidates for jobs in the US and internationally. Read more

The Omnichannel Experience: From Retail to Recruitment

Blog | Author: Randi Kenney | Source: HCI | Published: May 13, 2015

Think of the last time you bought something. How did you buy it? Did you visit a brick-and-mortar store? Did you buy it online, through the manufacturer’s own website or through a third-party retailer like Amazon? How’d you buy it online—with a tablet or a laptop? Were you at home, multitasking while watching TV perhaps? Maybe you bought it using your mobile phone. Your purchase made you a part of an ongoing transformation that has been occurring in the consumer world for years.

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Why Candidates Walk Away from Your Job Offer

Article | Published: May 13, 2015
It could be your hiring process. As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. According to a recent study by Montage, 32% of individuals who turned down a job offer in the past year report they rejected the offer primarily ... Read more
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