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Mobile Recruitment: Still Playing Catch Up

Blog | Author: Jed Hamilton, Director of Corporate Communications at Jibe | Source: HCI | Published: 1 day ago

By the level of noise and chatter focused on the mobile recruiting trend over the past several years one would think that corporate talent acquisition teams have made great strides in adopting and deploying these solutions. But the results of the recently released 2014 Jibe Talent Acquisition Survey tells another story.


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Independent Contractor Compliance

White Paper | Source: MBO Partners | Published: 1 day ago
Independent contractor use is on the rise – and so is the risk of engaging them the wrong way. The experts at MBOPartners have set up a comprehensive introduction to contractor compliance so you can leverage this workforce without ... Read more

Where Are the Top Markets for Part Time Job Searches?

Blog | Author: Daniel Culbertson, Economic Research Analyst, Indeed | Source: HCI | Published: 2 days ago

The Indeed Hiring Lab has been pumping out some really fascinating insights over the past year.  In May, Indeed’s Lead Economist and Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs at George Washington University, Tara Sinclair Ph.D., shared the initial results in a webcast  with HCI revealing that 81.5% of people are searching for jobs outside of their current occupation, 43.5% of people are searching in their current occupation, and that the higher the share of job postings in an occupation, the more attractive it is to job seekers.

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Maximize the Value of Your Blended Workforce

White Paper | Source: Peoplefluent | Published: September 26, 2014
That’s the unmistakable message of “Freelancing in America: Rise of the Contingent Workforce,” a thought- provoking article published recently on It cites a number of sources that confirm just ... Read more
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Healthcare Recruiting with Social Media

White Paper | Source: Work4 | Published: September 26, 2014
We know healthcare recruiters have challenges with recruiting today. As the Baby Boomers age and the affordable Care Act gives more people access to healthcare, the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals has become a big ... Read more
Millennial Honesty

Engaging Millennial Recruits Starts with Honesty

Blog | Author: Daniel Fogel | Source: HCI | Published: September 23, 2014

For the better part of the 2000’s, I worked as a district manager for one of the most popular retail brands in the market.  I spent the decade learning and honing Millennial engagement strategies before I was really even aware that term existed.  I was expected to hire current college students and recent graduates on a weekly basis, some for part time work and some for management roles.  

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Get a Yes

4 Questions to Uncover Why You Aren’t Hearing “Yes”

Blog | Author: Michele Ellner | Source: HCI | Published: September 16, 2014

People decline job offers for numerous reasons. Many are beyond an organization’s control, but your hiring process isn’t one of them. If you’ve been rejected by candidates who could have made a positive impact on your organization, it’s time to look inward and examine your hiring process. You may need to make changes to this all-important talent acquisition workflow. We conducted an independent survey of 200 individuals who turned down a job offer in the last six months. About one-third agreed or strongly agreed that the reason they declined the job offer was primarily due to their experience during the hiring process. So even if you have focused on creating a superior hiring experience, it’s always a good idea to re-evaluate periodically with these types of questions:

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