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Carpe Diem – There’s No Time like the Present

Blog | Author: Daniel Fogel | Source: HCI | Published: November 19, 2014

AJ Thomas, Director of Talent Development and Engagement at Nimble Storage recently joined me for a webcast on techniques to acquire, engage and retain Millennials.  One of the big takeaways was that engagement is not just about these younger workers but more about the evolution and shift in the scope, pace, and nature of communication at work.

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5 Ways to Ensure High-volume Recruiting Effectiveness

Article | Source: Peoplefluent | Published: November 17, 2014
High volume positions, such as salespeople or customer service representatives, can present a number of challenges. Fortunately, there are five ways that, when enabled by a high volume recruiting platform, can improve the process and lead to ... Read more

Hiring for the Right Customer Service Competencies Moves the Needle

Blog | Author: Daniel Fogel | Source: HCI | Published: November 11, 2014

During the recession, most firms learned how to do more with less.  As companies tightened their collective belts to survive a competitive environment, lean became the new normal, and each individual hire a firm chose to make became an even more important decision.  

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Leverage Marketing Tactics to Improve the Talent Acquisition Process

Blog | Author: Daniel Fogel | Source: HCI | Published: November 5, 2014

Marketing is the business of acquiring new customers while talent acquisition is the business of recruiting and engaging new employees.  Marketers are well aware of the importance of user experience to their consumers.  Apple is a great example of an intuitive user experience out of the box and generally sits as the user experience gold standard.  How many times have you downloaded an app to serve some purpose for you (looking up the weather, playing games, photography filters, etc) and immediately deleted it if you did not instantly enjoy the interface, if the app wasn’t easy to use, or you just didn’t like the look or feel of it?

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HCIPodcast: Gamification for HR

Podcast | Published: October 31, 2014
How can gamification help you?  Richard Landers, Assistant Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Old Dominion University, joins HCI for a discussion on how gamification or even just elements of gamification can benefit ... Read more
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