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It’s Time for Reference Assessments

Blog | Author: Daniel Fogel | Source: HCI | Published: 1 day ago

I can remember the first time I received a call for a reference on a former employee.   I was early in my career working as an assistant manager at a shop in the mall and happened to be next to my general manager as I took the call.  Once my GM heard the nature of the call, he snatched away the phone to handle it himself.  “Yes, the employee worked here from April until September.   Yes, I’d hire them again.  No, I can’t give you any further details about that employee.” 
That’s what I overheard from outside that conversation.  Once he hung up the phone, my manager then gave me a quick development talk, explaining the potential legal issues and the exact process my company had for reference checks.

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5 Questions to Ask to Find Out If You Have an Amazing Career Site

Blog | Author: Ryan Rivera, Digital and Social Marketing Specialist at SilkRoad | Source: HCI | Published: 2 days ago

Have you ever done an Internet search on “how to write an amazing resume” or seen a post on how to “get your resume noticed”?  Pretty much every job site, job board, or job blog has at least one (usually multiple) post on ways to make a resume stand out in the crowd.  Which makes sense, a good resume is key to getting the interview.  What about the other side of the coin; what are employers doing to stand out in the crowd?

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3 Key Pay-For-Performance Strategies

Blog | Author: Chris Wien, Project Manager at PeopleFluent | Source: HCI | Published: 1 day ago

You’ve probably heard many pay-for-performance strategies over the years, and maybe even implemented a few. Maybe you had a modicum of success, or not, but like everyone else you’ll be looking for the holy grail of strategies.
While that doesn’t literally exist, here are  three key pay-for-performance strategies that are based on the successful plans of the thousands of organizations we work with:

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Four Benefits of Collaborative Learning and Leadership Development

Blog | Author: Kevin Grossman | Source: HCI | Published: July 15, 2014

The ability to learn on the job, much less be identified and developed for a future leadership position, can be difficult for employees, regardless of classification. Every company claims it plans for the future, but the reality is that the mindshare required – the domain and business expertise and the leadership that drives it – usually slips away with the best intentions of having the learning and development as well as the succession plan in place. 

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White Paper

2014 Technology Benchmark Report

White Paper | Published: July 11, 2014
Talent management technology seems to be everywhere in corporations. It’s in integrated systems that talk to each other, sharing valuable workforce data. It’s in mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, and ... Read more

7 Talent Acquisition Metrics That Your CHRO Cares About

Blog | Author: Emily Gordon, Strategic Director, Seven Step RPO | Source: HCI | Published: July 8, 2014

Metrics enable you to gauge the overall health of your talent acquisition process. Chief HR Officers have certain KPIs (key performance indicators) that they report on. The following are ones they watch as these metrics provide deeper insight into the performance and business impact of your talent management system. Some of these metrics are standard, some are not; taken as a whole, they create a broad report of where improvement can impact the bottom line and drive value for HR in the C-suite.

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Talent Analytics Start with Recruiting

The topic of talent analytics is hot right now, especially in recruiting. According to Bersin by Deloitte, more than 60% of companies are increasing investment in this area this year, representing a collective interest in uncovering their ... Read more
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