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Creative and Critical Thinking: The Recipe for Innovation

White Paper | Author: Judy Chartrand, Ph.D., Chad Fife, MBA & Scott Flander | Source: Pearson | Published: August 29, 2014
It is hard to cook a dish properly if you’re missing a key ingredient. And yet businesses often wonder why they have trouble getting innovation right. They know they need creative thinking– and lots of it. But they ... Read more

Man Up Gen X! Career Advice for the Stuck Generation

Blog | Author: Amy Hirsh Robinson, Interchange Group | Source: HCI | Published: August 29, 2014

Recently, I was asked to counsel a group of angry 40-something managers on career advancement. These Generation Xers felt they were caught in between “greedy” Baby Boomers, who won't move over to give their generation a shot, and “entitled” Millennials, who won’t put in a decent day’s work.
Generational influences play a significant role in shaping our values, motivations and behaviors. Nowhere are those influences more apparent and the behavior more divergent than in the workplace. Take the Baby Boomers. Their large numbers drove them to be competitive in all parts of life, including work. In their push to get ahead Boomers added a full month’s worth of work per year to their schedule. Now that they are ready to recalibrate work and life, things have gotten complicated. Past spending habits and drops in retirement portfolios have made the prospects of even gradual retirement obsolete for many.  

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Emotional Intelligence: Can Companies Really Feel Their Way to Success?

White Paper | Author: Lauren Garris, former UNC Executive Development Client Relationship Manager | Source: UNC Executive Development 2013 | Published: August 28, 2014
World-class organizations such as BMW, Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, and Shell know emotional intelligence provides real, bottom-line value. That's why they make it a strategic priority. The question is: How do you teach executives, managers, and ... Read more

With eLearning Content, Being Real Counts

Blog | Author: Andrew Bateman | Source: HCI | Published: August 28, 2014

The phrase “Fake it til you make it” may have its uses, but let’s be real: perpetually pretending to be something or someone you’re not is exhausting. In fact, authenticity is increasingly cited as a critical element of success for business today. Consider a recent Harvard Business Review article, Creating the Best Workplace on Earth, which cites research from the London Business School indicating that employees that feel encouraged to express their authentic selves at work maintain a higher degree of commitment to the organization, greater individual performance and a stronger desire to collaborate.

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