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9 Reasons Leadership Development Fails

May 18, 2015 | Fabio Malagisi | HCI

Leadership development programs have grown in popularity over the years. It seems that all companies crave leaders and many are turning to formal leadership development programs as a means to develop talent. Proceed with caution however, as this is an easy idea to come up with but difficult, potentially expensive and definitely time consuming to execute. When it works, it can be a great success, however often these efforts turn into fancy websites vs true development mechanisms. Below are my top reasons why leadership development programs fail. 


How to Jump Start Your Mobile Learning Strategy

February 3, 2015

Join as mobile learning experts reveal the Top 3 Ways they use mobile learning to double employee performance.
Using real life case studies and lessons learned from Cricket Wireless, Comcast and others, our expert panel will
​share in-depth ...

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Solution SuiteSolution Suite

Implementing 3D Learning at Avon

April 23, 2014

In the face of decreasing L&D budgets and increasing needs for skills training for employees, organizations must be on the lookout to develop and implement more cost-effective methods to arm their workforces with the tools and knowledge they ...

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Blog3 Things to be a Champion

Three Things You Can Do to Help Your Team Perform Like a Champion

February 19, 2014 | Bill Catlette | HCI

Having read an article about Seattle Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll's post game comments; "It really took me getting fired a couple times, getting kicked in the butt, to get to where I am now.” I realized that getting fired wasn’t the worst thing in the world, and resolved to double up on my self-awareness, and loosen the necktie just a bit going forward. A Chinese proverb suggests that, “A man without a smile must not open a shop.” That applies just as much to the role of a leader as it does a shopkeeper. 

BlogLeadership Principle

The Greatest Leadership Principle – Raising Up the Next Guy, Part 2

December 5, 2013 | Joseph "Bud" Haney | HCI

In our last blog, we discussed three reasons why leaders might not want to “raise up the next guy,” or prepare the lieutenants in your organization to lead with the same values, work ethic, and goals that you possess.



Yahoo's Dumb - but Smart - Way of Judging Employees

November 15, 2013 | Suzanne Lucas | CBS News

Managers, you may rate 10 percent of your people "superior performers," 40 percent as "exceeds expectations," 40 percent as "meets expectations" and the remaining 10 percent as "below expectations." Sound ...

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Multitasking Makes Managers Less Thoughtful 

October 10, 2013 | Gretchen Gavett | HBR

You’re sitting at a meeting checking your e-mail on your iPad or your texts on your phone. Or, if you’re like the average college student, your attention is divided at least three ways, among the lecturer, your laptop, and your text ...

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Leadership Burnout: A Simple Way to Re-engage 

September 30, 2013 | Janice L. Marturano, Founder and Executive Director | Huffington Post

All too often, we as leaders lose our way. Rather than face into what is most important, we allow ourselves to get pulled into the surrounding chaos or distracted by the 'emergency of the day' while the truly important matters are left ...

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