How Onboarding Job Seekers Can Enhance Your Recruitment Strategy

Blog | Author: Stacey Rivers | Source: HCI | Published: May 5, 2016

We all know finding great talent is a challenge for many reasons, and the dilemma with identifying them is you never know who they are or where they may be located.  Further, the positive impressions generated externally by giving insight into the company’s culture can be tremendous. Having an overarching recruitment strategy that stays "on" is key to allowing talent to gravitate to you, but there is also something you can do to reverse-engineer the process.


Expert Tips and Tricks for Successful Onboarding

Blog | Author: Tali Rabin | Source: HCI | Published: April 1, 2016

90% of employees decide whether they want to stay at a company within the first six months of employment and as much as 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment, according to the Aberdeen Group. Onboarding of new hires is an essential aspect of employee engagement and retention, yet these programs are often lacking a clear strategy for implementation and measurement.


New Employee Orientation: The Secret Tool of Organizational Change Management

Blog | Author: Amy Hirsh Robinson | Source: HCI | Published: February 11, 2016

An effective New Employee Orientation (NEO) ensures the engagement, retention and acculturation of new employees. It also serves as a crucial lever to attaining cultural transformation in an organization. If your company has embarked on a culture change or recognizes that the culture (and consequently, the behaviors and attitudes of employees) must change to drive better business results, it is best to focus on employees at the beginning of their tenure, when they are most impressionable. It is during these first days, weeks and months with a new employer that employees decide whether they will be champions of change within the company, become disgruntled and leave, or stay and become toxic by upholding the “old” culture.  


Navigate a Successful Transformation from Orientation to Acculturation

Webcast | Presented By: Angela Chang, Amy Hirsh Robinson | Webcast Aired: February 25, 2016

Companies make a big mistake when cramming hours of mind-numbing employment information into their new employee orientation. There's a better way forward for new hires to be educated on corporate history and culture and help them establish bonds with their peers and others in the organization.

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