Effective Global Learning Requires Spaced Repetition and Reinforcement, Not Fire Hose Doses

Blog | Author: Peter Psichogios, President of CSI International | Source: HCI | Published: June 12, 2014

The key to the layered learning process is that it links the associate’s development to support and involvement with his or her direct supervisor.
Each suite is developed to create repetition, follow up and reinforcement as well as accountability, tracking and measurement.
What participants around the world tell us about their learning is that they appreciate that each module is succinct and that they get a chance to practice, drill and rehearse in a safe learning environment. 

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Keys to Great Employee Recognition and Engagement Programs

White Paper | Author: Peter Psichogios | Source: © 2013 Peter Psichogios and CSI International | Published: June 9, 2014
We’ve gathered a collection of what we consider to be the keys to great employee recognition and engagement programs from the last few years to help you answer this question for your organization:   8 Fundamental ... Read more

Where Have Our Leaders Gone?

Blog | Author: Breanne Harris, Solutions Architect and Social Media Strategist for Pearson TalentLens | Source: HCI | Published: May 22, 2014

They’ve been called entitled, narcissistic, and attention-craving.  Their work ethic and loyalty are questioned frequently.  Their parents call in sick for them.  They never turn on CNN and yet they get breaking news hours before you do.  Their technological skills are legendary, but their critical thinking skills are lacking. They’ve never had a landline and see no need for owning a printer.  They’re the first people you call when your technology stops working.  They can Google faster than their bosses can pull a fact from memory.  They get repetitive stress injuries called “Texting Thumb” and “Twitter Thumb.”  They’re 70 million members strong, and they are your next generation leaders.  

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Hiring Manufacturing Staff in the 21st Century: A Fundamental Shift in Skills

White Paper | Author: Charles A. Handler Ph. D. & Mark C. Healy MA | Source: 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. or its affiliate(s). All rights reserved. | Published: May 8, 2014
Manufacturing is alive and well in the U.S.A. and in most parts of the industrialized world. A growing global economy and diversified demand in the European, Latin American, Indian, and Chinese economies have created broader and more ... Read more

Do You Have a Plan to Fill Your Talent Pipeline in the Critical Years Ahead?

Blog | Author: Pamela Stambaugh, Founder and President, Accountability Pays | Source: HCI | Published: May 7, 2014

Improving your employee assessment and hiring practices to secure top external candidates is a sound strategy, but you can’t rely on new talent alone. Succession planning allows you to measure and promote the internal talent you’ve already invested in, which can be critical to gaining competitive advantage — especially when considering the fact that, according to the Center for Creative Leadership, an astonishing 66% of senior managers hired from the outside fail within 18 months.

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