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The Rules of Engagement are Changing: Four Ways You Can Ride the Wave Successfully

Blog | Author: Mark Royal, Senior Principal, Hay Group | Source: HCI | Published: 2 days ago

Leaders already know that keeping their teams motivated, engaged and driven to succeed is a demanding task in itself. But in today’s world it’s even harder, because leaders have to keep their people engaged while responding to huge, disruptive changes in how we work and what we care about in the workplace. It’s a big challenge, but the first step to overcoming it is knowing what the changes are. In Hay Group’s new book, Leadership 2030, we’ve identified six ‘megatrends’ that are transforming societies and the global business environment as we know it.

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3 Ways Employee Engagement Will Lead to Success in 2015

Blog | Author: Achievers | Source: HCI | Published: January 23, 2015

It’s a new year and that means new goals. Leaders are no doubt setting their sights set on a more productive, efficient and innovative workforce, yet there’s one key component they’re probably overlooking: employee engagement. 

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The 5 Biggest Keys to Leading Innovation

Blog | Author: David Magellan Horth and Jonathan Vehar | Source: HCI | Published: January 16, 2015

A recent global survey by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) found that 94 percent of executives believe that innovation is a key driver of organizational success. And yet, just 14 percent of those respondents have confidence in their organization’s ability to drive innovation effectively.

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White Paper

Simplify Workforce Management and Increase Global Agility

White Paper | Source: Oracle Human Capital Management | Published: January 16, 2015
As an HR leader, what keeps you up at night? Is it meeting your executives’ demands for a greater contribution to the company’s strategic vision? Is it the requests to cut operational costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency? ... Read more

Cultivating Leadership Skills

Article | Author: Amanda Young Hickman | Source: | Published: January 15, 2015
There are hundreds of inspiring quotes—“Leaders aren’t born, they are made” (Vince Lombardi, among others), and books and blog postings about developing your leadership skills.  They offer useful advice and thought ... Read more
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