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The Story of Intelligent Talent Management

White Paper | Published: August 18, 2015
Most talent management solutions aren't all that different from each other. But this one is: it’s built around a machine-learning brain—technology that quickly digests incoming workforce data, evaluates it, and ... Read more
White Paper

Essential Strategies for Managing Virtual Teams

White Paper | Source: PI Worldwide | Published: August 14, 2015
A company’s workforce is its most valuable asset and typically its biggest expense. Attracting and retaining the right talent continues to be a foremost concern for managers. With many organizations employing remote workers or ... Read more
Case Study

Managing Conflict in a High-Growth Environment

Case Study | Source: PI W | Published: August 14, 2015
Shawmut Design and Construction is a national leader in the construction industry with more than 300 employees and $671 million in annual sales. With a reputation for high quality and excellent client service, the 100% employee-owned ... Read more

Leaders, Here are 5 Easy Tips to Engage Your Team Today

Blog | Author: Stacey Engle | Source: HCI | Published: August 11, 2015

Many leaders today are versed in employee engagement terminology, ideas, and frameworks. The issue is that many times, these abstract things get in the way of leaders truly engaging with their teams. 

Below are five ways that we at Fierce work with leaders to create deeper connections and engagement with their employees and their customers. 

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Succession Matters for Your Future Workforce

Are you looking at your complete leadership pipeline when identifying potential? Is too much of your talent being ‘bought’ externally rather than promoted from the inside? Have your leaders received the right blend of development ... Read more
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