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Four Ways to Think More like a Sales Leader

Blog | Author: Colleen Stanley, founder and president of SalesLeadership Inc. | Source: HCI | Published: 1 day ago

The salesperson who thinks like a CEO knows there are parts of every job that are tedious. He or she also knows that the data is important in driving strategic decisions at the company. But having the big picture vision, similar to the common traits found in the C-suite, can make all the difference in the world.

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Generalizing Generations: Why it Doesn’t Work

Blog | Author: Stacey Engle, Vice President of Marketing; Halley Bock, President & CEO; and Christine Douglas, SVP Client Solutions & Global Partnerships, Fierce, Inc. | Source: HCI | Published: October 24, 2014

If you look at the press and commentary you’d think that Millennials (insert zombies) are coming in mass to get us. They will soon take over business as we know it, booting out boomers, trampling Gen Xers, and demanding every entitlement under the sun. So we thought we’d add to the chatter with different perspectives, from all sides of the generational divide.

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Work/Life Imbalance Plaguing Working Women

Article | Author: Stacey Engle | Source: Fierce, Inc. | Published: October 23, 2014
The findings of a new Fierce, Inc survey have revealed that work/life imbalance is a real cause for concern among working women as 70% report being stressed and nerly 50% report experiencing health issues. As a result 20% of working women abandon ... Read more

The Power of Practice

Article | Author: Jamie Hayman | Source: Insight Experience | Published: October 22, 2014
Imagine going to the emergency room and finding out you need your appendix removed.  There are only two surgeons available. All you know about the first is that she has played the game 'Operation' thousands of times. All you know ... Read more

Employees' Pride and Passion - Stop The Erosion and Drive Loyalty

Article | Author: Lior Arussy , President, Strativity Group | Source: Strativity Group | Published: December 31, 1969
Employees' pride and passion drives loyalty, but you can't pay people to be proud of what they do. You can't pay your employees to be passionate. It’s time to stop contributing to the erosion of employee loyalty so you can start ... Read more
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