Using Recognition to Drive Employee Success


Do You Recognize Your Neighborhood Anymore?

Blog | Author: Andrew Bateman | Source: HCI | Published: May 27, 2015

On a recent Friday evening I ran into JJ, an older friend whom I had not seen in several years, at the friendly neighborhood watering hole. Like me, JJ has been around the same town for over 20 years and as our hometown is undergoing a post-financial crisis development boom the reminders of constant change can be a little jarring.

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A Tale of What Changing Times Mean for Your Workforce

Article | Source: GC Incentives | Published: February 4, 2015
Once upon a time, in a land maybe not so far away, there was a company with a lot going for it. ABC Corporation had thousand of employees, a multi-national footprint, a popular, diverse product offering and a strong track record of ... Read more

Balance the Steps with the Journey to Maximize Employee Performance

Blog | Author: Andrew Bateman | Source: HCI | Published: January 15, 2015

There is a predictable rhythm to the start of my work day. Every morning I come into the office, greet my coworkers, unpack my stuff, and head over to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. There are a few things that never change. I check my emails, hop on to Twitter to see what the world is saying about HCI, and look at the weekly webcast and podcast schedule to see what’s next on the calendar. Around this 15-minute mark is where the predictability ends.

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Why Employee Engagement Isn’t Enough

Webcast | Presented By: Mike Ryan | Webcast Aired: January 7, 2015
We all know that employee engagement produces better business results. Research from a wide range of resources confirms that emotionally and intellectually committed employees are more productive, customer focused and profitable. And while those ... Read more
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