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BlogLeading Away from Comfort

Leading Away from Comfort

January 24, 2013 | Bill Treasurer | HCI

It may surprise you that your job as a leader is to make people uncomfortable. Why? Because people learn, develop, and progress in a zone of discomfort, not comfort. It is in the pursuit of challenges that are hard, scary, and uncomfortable that people discover their worth, and convert potential into actual skills.

BlogNew Vision of Grey

2013: Seeing Grey in a Whole New Light

January 16, 2013 | Kara Schott | HCI

I took an interest in politics at a very young age. I proudly declared to my entire 6th grade class that I would in fact be the first woman President. (I also had an active imagination). Before that, in 5th grade, I can clearly remember the disappointment and sadness I felt when we learned about the Electoral College. It was like a bomb had just been dropped on my happy, childhood perspective on the US election system. “You mean, our votes really don’t mean anything?” I asked, absolutely horrified.

Blog4 Tips for Hiring

4 Best Practices for Hiring High Performers

January 10, 2013 | Joseph "Bud" Haney | HCI

Consider this: It can cost $4,000 to $40,000 to recruit and onboard one new employee. Therefore, companies that have implemented efficient hiring practices get the best return on this investment, especially when they focus on acquiring top performers.

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Engagement Starts with You!

February 26, 2013 | Scott Carbonara

Whether your goal is to increase your personal engagement as a leader, maximize the engagement of your team, or gain more resilience and energy across your life in general—this humorous, uplifting, practical, research-and-story-based session will inspire you to reignite your mind, your heart, and your spirit.

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Courageous Leadership: Using Courage to Transform the Workplace

April 24, 2012 | Bill Treasurer

This webinar will focus on actions you can take to be more courageous at work, and what you can do to inspire more courageous behavior among those you work with or lead. The concepts will be drawn from Bill Treasurer’s comprehensive training guide Courageous Leadership: Using Courage to Transform the Workplace (Pfeiffer, 2011).

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