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Leadership by Surprise

Blog | Author: Bill Catlette | Source: HCI | Published: 3 days ago

In his wonderful book, Leapfrogging, innovation expert Soren Kaplan challenges us to recall moments in our lives when we have encountered a breakthrough product, service, or experience… a WOW encounter if you will. Think, for example about the first time, likely as a young child, that you tasted ice cream. Or, later on in life, your first kiss - not the grandmotherly type ;). Or, perhaps, when you had your first encounter with an i-Device. Wow!

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Will Your Future Leaders be Ready When You Need Them?

Blog | Author: Michelle Kozin | Source: HCI | Published: 3 days ago

Who are your up-and-coming leaders? And are they ready?

Highly functioning and successful organizations foster leaders at all levels. Yet – for typical companies – only 17% of leadership investments actually go toward the development of first- and second-level leaders, with the rest targeted exclusively at executives. By neglecting growth opportunities for their future leaders, organizations risk not only their ability to operate efficiently, but perhaps their competitive edge as well.

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Strategy Activation Part 1: Develop Your Leaders in Context

Article | Author: Jim Aggen and Noah Rabinowitz | Source: Korn Ferry Institute | Published: May 14, 2015
Ask top executives what really shaped their leadership careers and they’ll almost always point to real-world, business experiences. Korn Ferry’s Jim Aggen and Noah Rabinowitz discuss the benefits of contextual learning. Access the ... Read more

Business Simulations Transcend the “World’s Dumbest Idea”

Article | Author: Laurel Tyler | Source: Insight Experience | Published: May 11, 2015
A growing chorus of business leaders is questioning the singular notion of maximizing shareholder value.  In a recent Forbes article, Jack Welsh and Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce, both label it the “World’s Dumbest ... Read more

6 Research Backed Practices to Create a Connected Culture

Blog | Author: Todd Hall | Source: HCI | Published: May 7, 2015

I recently heard about a department that hired a very competent manager.  She quit after two weeks because the culture of the department was so negative and unhealthy.  She simply couldn’t stand working there after two short weeks.  The department may have been checking off short-term things on the to-do list, but their overall effectiveness was low and decreasing rapidly.

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Finding Stories That Make Your Points Pack a Punch

Blog | Author: David Lee | Source: HCI | Published: May 4, 2015

“How do I find stories to use in my presentations?”

This is probably the question I get asked the most frequently when speaking on how to integrate stories into presentations.

The simple answer is…

Pay attention to everyday life.

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