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An Engaging Employee Experience

White Paper | Source: Cornerstone OnDemand | Published: July 21, 2016

In a perfect world, every employee is committed to your organization’s goals, is ready to go above and beyond in daily activities, and actively collaborates with other team members. Yet when it comes to employee engagement, ...

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How HR Can Help Executives Get the Big Picture

White Paper | Source: Cornerstone OnDemand | Published: August 18, 2016

Today’s executives don’t hold HR in very high esteem: according to Deloitte, “42 percent of business leaders believe their HR teams are underperforming or just getting by, compared to the 27 percent who rate HR as ...

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Toxic Employees in the Workplace

White Paper | Source: Cornerstone OnDemand | Published: July 14, 2016

Leveraging econometric analysis of a dataset of approximately 63,000 hired employees spanning approximately 250,000 observations, this report looks not only at the measurable costs of toxic behavior such as sexual harassment, ...

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leadership stress

What Every Leader Needs to Know About Stress

Blog | Author: Michael Lee Stallard and Dr. Todd Hall | Source: HCI | Published: July 8, 2016

Who experiences greater levels of stress:  you or your boss?  When we ask this question while teaching workshops on leadership, nearly all the bosses in the room respond that they are the ones under greater stress.  They’re wrong.  Hard data makes it clear that non-leaders experience greater stress, and in many instances it has a negative effect on their performance. 

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