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The Beginner’s Guide to Championing a Data-Driven Culture Within HR

Blog | Author: Saskia Battersby | Source: HCI | Published: March 16, 2016

It can feel like preparing for a trip up Mount Everest.

Along with gaining buy-in from people at all levels, turning your HR function into a well-oiled fact-based decision-making machine will require you to attain both some new hard and soft skills.

And yet, research supports that it is well worth the effort. In recent years it has become common knowledge that proactively using data to make fact-based decisions is key: “Our experience has found that data-driven, analytical HR departments are more likely to play a strategic role in their organizations, and the survey data supports this,” states a recent Boston Consulting Group report on HR excellence.


Marketing & Finance Laid the Groundwork… Time for HR to Build the Future

Blog | Author: Randi Kenney | Source: HCI | Published: April 12, 2016

Are data and analytics important to your organization? Are they important for your HR function? Anymore, business leaders are hard pressed to find anyone that would say analytics aren’t important. It’s similar to how our dentists have been telling us flossing is important for decades and, while we might hesitate to admit it, many of us still haven’t faithfully incorporated that task into our daily routines. When you finally get a cavity, it becomes very clear how much time, money and discomfort that daily habit could have saved you.

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