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Core HR: Why and How

Article | Author: SuccessFactors, an SAP company | Published: June 30, 2015
Many organizations today need to manage talent globally. Is yours one of them? The cultural, geographic, linguistic, and structural silos that divide global enterprises are smaller obstacles than ever if you have the right technology. Cloud ... Read more

Develop as an Effective CHRO

Article | Source: McLean & Company | Published: June 24, 2015
CHROs are often the “shoemaker’s children” when it comes to development; they must make the time to invest in developing themselves. This Research is Designed For: CHROs, VPs of HR, or Heads of HR looking for advice on how to ... Read more

Top 5 Ways Smart Change Leaders Drive Growth

Today’s rapidly evolving business environment requires that organizations be flexible and open to new ideas. Effective change comes about as a result of balancing the needs of various stakeholders with the goals of the organization, as well ... Read more

HR Trends and Priorities for 2015

Article | Source: McLean & Company | Published: June 16, 2015
Each year, McLean & Company surveys professionals to reveal top HR priorities and emerging HR trends. The results of this annual survey will inform our upcoming research agenda. This Research Is Designed For: HR and non-HR leaders looking ... Read more

Stop It, HR

Blog | Author: Tracey Smith | Source: HCI | Published: June 16, 2015

In my last blog, 5 Reasons not to Get Started in HR Analytics, I referenced that HR frequently responds that it is too busy doing other things to get started in analytics. In fact, HR is too busy to make much progress on anything that may shift itself away from being tactical and into a more strategic position. Sure, everyone talks about it but when it comes to putting that desire into action, very few teams manage to move ahead.

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