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The Talent Expansion Manifesto

White Paper | Author: Steve Parker, SPHR, Vice President, SumTotal Systems LLC | Source: SumTotal Systems LLC | Published: July 21, 2014
Why traditional HR technology approaches are failing and a better way is needed. Has anyone in your organization asked you this question before: “Why doesn’t this [fill in the name of a piece of HR technology] ... Read more

6 Steps to Achieving Sustainable Organizational Change

Blog | Author: Michelle Kozin, Vice President of Learning and Communications, PI Worldwide | Source: HCI | Published: July 14, 2014

Despite the abundance of studies, resources and trainings around change management initiatives, research shows 70% of all major change efforts in organizations fail. Why? While the processes for making an organizational change are relatively sound, companies often neglect the most critical factor in the change equation: people.

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Taking Measure of Talent

White Paper | Source: Harvard Business Review | Published: July 11, 2014
IN TODAY’S KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY, an organization’s workforce is its most important asset as well as one of its greatest investments. The management of human capital — the sum of a workforce’s skill, knowledge and ... Read more

What Have We Learned from the FIFA Soccer World Cup?

Blog | Author: Kenneth Fung, Senior Director, Infor Learning Management | Source: HCI | Published: July 3, 2014

The World Cup has been a revelation. Team USA’s heroic knock-out match against Belgium enthralled the nation and catapulted goalie Tim Howard to celebrity status as he notched up a record number of saves to keep us in the match, and keep our hopes alive, until the very end.
But as well as the thrills of that match, there was a great deal the human capital and talent professions can learn from the World Cup. I’ve chosen three lessons that stand out for me:

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