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5 Tips to Effective Mobile Learning

Article | Source: SumTotal | Published: 2 days ago
Mobile learning is extending the reach of how organizations deliver training - providing the benefits of e-Learning to users who were previously ‘out of reach’. By expanding the access of e-Learning, mobile ... Read more

Gamification: The Cheat Code for Engagement?

Blog | Author: Daniel Fogel | Source: HCI | Published: 3 days ago

The past four years saw an explosion in popularity for gamification.  A quick search on Google Trends shows a significant uptrend that is forecast to continue its upward trajectory for the foreseeable future.  Top firms are utilizing gamification, the use of game playing, thinking and mechanics to engage users and assess capabilities, to improve business results.  

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White Paper

Make Your Social Intranet Habit-Forming

White Paper | Published: April 11, 2014
Some habits, like eating right and exercising, are good for us. Some habits, like monitoring metrics and collaborating with colleagues, are great for business.  Yet few companies have a single, effective information-sharing resource that ... Read more

Internal Mobility Doesn’t Count If It’s Invisible.

Blog | Author: Tarik Taman, General Manager, Infor HCM | Source: HCI | Published: April 7, 2014

The cost of staff churn is significant. We all know that. But could you put a figure on exactly how significant?
LinkedIn can. According to recent research, they believe that for a 10,000 employee US company, each 1% of turnover costs the firm $7.5m.
To find out more about turnover, LinkedIn quizzed over 7,500 recent departees across five countries to understand why they switched jobs. Among the findings reported in their natty Exit Survey infographic one statistic leaps out. Over four-fifths of the average US company’s turnover is voluntary, or, as LinkedIn calls it, ‘preventable’.

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Translating Three Millennial Aspirations into Winning Engagement Strategies

Blog | Author: Allison McGuire | Source: HCI | Published: March 31, 2014

We at Network for Good have identified trends and tactics in our new guide, Engaging Millennial Employees: Recruit and Retain Top Talent with Cause. We’re pleased to share some of our findings.
If you work in human resources, you may already know that many Millennials are underwhelmed by their jobs. What you may not know is where this stems from and how to turn unmotivated Millennial employees into champions for your company. 

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