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Translating the Military Resume

Enterprise Insight Summary | Published: January 20, 2010
Translating military lingo, job titles, and salary ranges are just a few obstacles businesses and ex-military candidates face. This ebriefing, featuring military hiring expert Lisa Rosser, will illuminate key points about translating a military ... Read more
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Translating the Military Resume

Webcast | Presented By: Lisa Rosser | Webcast Aired: January 20, 2010
Even with higher unemployment and more job candidates on the market, employers still report difficulties finding the best and most qualified talent. One solution: hire a veteran! The military has a large number of jobs that are compatible to the ... Read more
Case Study

What's Fashionable in Diversity Recruitment and Hiring?

Case Study | Author: Michael Harris | Source: ERE Media Inc. | Published: August 2, 2007
Abercrombie and Fitch, a leading retail clothing chain, recently entered into a consent decree, or settlement, to resolve a set of three race discrimination charges challenging the company's recruitment and hiring practices. Although there have ... Read more
Case Study

The people problem in talent management

Case Study | Author: Matthew Guthridge, Asmus B. Komm, and Emily Lawson | Published: March 22, 2007
Talent-management processes can't work if managers don't think it's important to develop their people. senior executives largely blame themselves and their business line managers for failing to give the issue enough time and attention. They also ... Read more
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